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The caption for this video when it was originally submitted was “BizNasty goes to Camelback Mountain for a hike with a hottie.”

…I’m just gonna get outta the way from there.

theScore caught up with Paul Bissonnette for our own little episode of “Cribs,” and we think it’s safe to say you’ll be surprised when you see how BizNasty lives.

He’s not exactly a minimalist, but you might have expected something different: Read the rest of this entry »

This past week theScore’s own Jackie Redmond headed out to David Bolland’s golf tournament, which raises money for both the David Bolland Foundation, and the Remix Project.

Jackie interviewed a number of players – Bolland, Scotty Upshall, Ben Eager, Brad Richards, and a host of others – to get the scoop on what the event was all about, and also for another important reason: to boost her Twitter following.

Jackie sits at around 2,100 followers, a number far too small for a regular guest on the Backhand Shelf Podcast (ha), so her solution was to challenge the players to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – if she wins they have to give her some Twitter love, and hopefully help grow her following. Read the rest of this entry »

At midnight tonight, The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres everywhere, and man, people are JACKED. UP.

The previews do look pretty incredible, and the last Batman flick was so good that, hey, who can blame ‘em?

Awhile back we used the movie trailer’s soundtrack to pay tribute to the (hopeful, likely) return of Daniel Alfredsson, and it was a big hit. If you missed it then, don’t miss it again. And if you loved it then, well, here you go: round two. Read the rest of this entry »

While at this year’s NHL Draft, theScore crew took some time out to quiz some of our fellow bloggists on a few of the more obscure draft busts from over the years.

Specifically, our contestants were Scott Wasilewski  (@ScottyWazz, Face Off Hockey Show), Sean Leahy (@Sean_Leahy, Puck Daddy), and Mike Halford (@HalfordPHT, Pro Hockey Talk).

Oh, and by the way – that Halford guy can go kick rocks! Read the rest of this entry »

The majority of this year’s NHL draft class were born in…gulp…1994. As in, Friends was kicking ass, The Offspring was pumping in a ton of hockey dressing rooms, and Ed Jovonovski had that new car smell.

We decided to test the knowledge of this year’s draft class on ’94 to see what these kids know about what was important to so many of us, way back when.

Here it is – with Rob Pizzo as your host, the Backhand Shelf Trivia Challenge: Class of ’94:

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The NHL Draft has become an exercise in routine.

- Bettman gives team signal to come make their pick.

- Team walks up.

- “We’d like to say hello to our fans watching back at our draft party at X.”

- “We’d like to congratulate the Y on their Stanley Cup victory.”

- “We’d like to thank Z for being such gracious hosts this weekend.”

- “We are proud to select this player from his junior team.”

- Player smiles.

- Player hugs person to his immediate left or right.

- Player jogs down the stairs and hands jacket off to jacket runner.

- Players walks up to the stage, takes jersey and hat, puts it on.

- Player takes picture.

- Repeat.

There are a few variables in here, and lucky for all of you Rob Pizzo was in Pittsburgh getting players to commit to what they would do before the draft. We scored how honest they were after the fact.

Two questions:

1) Who would you hug?
2) Do you put on the hat?