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That....looks like it would hurt.

The lucky recipient this time was Scott Hartnell, he of the Hartnell Down Foundation, the #1 spot on the Backhand Shelf beerability list, and the 2012 NHL All-Star Game. Hartnell scored 37 times last year while playing with Claude Giroux and Jaromir Jagr, which was a nice addition to his all-around gritty, semi-pest-like game.

The deal will pay Hartnell 28.5 million over that span, leaving the Flyers with an average annual cap hit of $4.75 million, up incrementally from the $4.2 they had him on the books for previously. In terms of actual money, he’ll earn six million in the first year of the deal, with the money dropping off until the final season of it, when he earns three million. The deal comes with a limited no-move clause as well. Read the rest of this entry »

We’re back! It’s been a long time, and for that, we apologize, but HOLY HELL nothing happens in August. With the NHLPA making a counter-offer to the owners we got close to real news, but knew we had to fill out the show, so….we got Scott Hartnell to come on and chat.

The topics we hit with Scott were:

* His charity, Hartnell Down 

* His excellent season

* The CBA proceedings

* Beerability

* And much more.

Pizzo and I covered the CBA prior to the interviews as well.

You can listen to it here: Read the rest of this entry »