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After many, many missed deadlines, Shane Doan has finally made his decision: he’s staying in Phoenix. By the time things are all said and done, he’ll have been a faithful one franchise man, an admirable feat (that I would’ve quit on long ago) given all the ups and downs the organization has been through.

Here’s the official word:

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Coyotes gave this to Doan when he hit the milestone.

To be clear, the post I wrote previous to this one on why Doan should leave is my real opinion on the matter. He should skip town.

But I did get a few responses which brought up a some decent counterpoints (particularly @MichelaRicci‘s) that I agree make the decision a lot more difficult than it appears to dudes like me.

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In the time I’ve lived in Phoenix – almost three years to the day – the Phoenix Coyotes have been what’s technically known as a clusterfuck. They’ve been owned by the NHL, they’ve been rumoured to be relocating, and they’ve been on the wrong end of a lot of jokes, not to mention vitirol from some Canadians salivating at the prospect of bringing another NHL team north of the border.

Sure, the on-ice product has been better the past few years which has been a pleasant change from when I moved here and wrote this for the Arizona Republic (in short, attendance sucks cause the team always has), but it would be one gigantic leap by mankind to claim the Coyotes are Cup contenders next season. (Yes, I’m aware they made the Conference Final last season.)

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