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Oh man, what a (sim) opening night!

I can’t believe the (digital) Flyers came back to tie the (not real) Bruins like that. It looked like the (animated) Bruins were really working (pixel) Bryzgalov’s low (video) blocker side.

Thankfully this season  (I guess?), EA Sports will be running a simulated season, and putting together highlight/recap videos for us to watch and analyze, which I intend to do with great earnestness.

Today’s highlight package apparently involved a DeLorean (not shown, sadly), as they managed to get scores and clips played from later tonight, and tomorrow as well.

Here’s how they describe the plan:

Simulations will be released on a weekly basis and will include top headlines, HUT Three Stars of the Week, box scores for each game, as well as standings and statistics for the league. The rosters used in the simulation will include all transactions made during the 2012 NHL Free Agency period.

I have no idea what HUT means (Hockey Unites Toddlers?), but let’s ignore that for now.

So here we have it: my analysis of the (sim) NHL action to date, in (real) running diary form. Read the rest of this entry »