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Early last week we opened up the polls for you, the hockey fan, to vote in your favourite players to the 2013 NHL (simulated) All-Star Game. The real one was supposed to be played yesterday, but y’know, that whole lockout thing messed it up.

Obviously we haven’t played enough games to take a real all-star vote, so it’s basically just the players people love (eye-opener for me: quit hating on Ottawa, apparently a lot of Sens fans read the blog).

Without any further ado, check out the 2013 All-Star Game simulation, NHL ’13 style. We went back to Eastern (blue) vs. Western (red) teams for the sake of draft simplicity.

As you likely know by now, there will be no NHL All-Star Game for the 2013 season. The reason being – and this is complex, stay with me here – there was no NHL season until January 19th, and the game was supposed to be on January 27th. But never fear! Backhand Shelf is here. We’re going to conduct a simulation of the game based on the players you vote in to make it all better.

Obviously we can’t conduct a player-style draft, so for our purposes, we’ll let the fans pick the teams, with the top vote-getters being named starters. Enter your votes below – the game will be “played” later this week!

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