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While Marc Savard (allegedly) found him delicious, Dan Carcillo is unlikely to do any biting of his own as he has a total of approximately three teeth.

While Marc Savard (allegedly) found him delicious, Dan Carcillo is unlikely to do any biting of his own as he has a total of approximately three teeth.


The human mouth is a filthy, filthy place. So is a hockey player once they’re more than a few minutes into a game, and the combination of the two is a not-uncommon occurrence in the NHL. Mikhail Grabovski’s (alleged) biting of Max Pacioretty’s arm, Alex Burrows’ (obvious) biting of Patrice Bergeron’s finger, Marc Savard’s (repeated) biting of everyone’s everything, and countless other incidents of mouth versus body part have grossed us all out year after year.

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"That's not funny."

It’s inevitable that for the next little while Andrei Kostitsyn and Alex Radulov will be the on the receiving end of a whole bunch of jokes regarding partying, curfew and bad decisions at-large.

Quite frankly, they’ve put themselves out there for it.

As this blog’s venerable editor, Justin Bourne, explained earlier today, this is no small feat and they were more than likely “brought to justice” by their own. Make no mistake about it, this is all on them.

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Smile, Chris

For whatever reason big things seem to happen to players during their milestone games. You’ll recall earlier this season when Daniel Alfredsson scored a game winning overtime goal to make it number 400 for his career. The Flames, ironically enough, were victimized a few years back when Mats Sundin scored in overtime for Toronto for the 500th goal of his career to win the game and complete a hat trick.

Tonight was one of those special nights for Chris Phillips of the Sens as he scored two goals against Nashville, including the game winner, to lead Ottawa over the Preds. This would be pretty cool in the first place, but it’s magnified in the case of Phillips who came into the night goalless in his last 74 and even more cool when you think about the fact that his last multi-goal game came 200 games ago, the 800th of his career.

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Chara laughs at you, not with you

It’s no secret that Zdeno Chara isn’t exactly the Chad Ochocinco of the NHL. Not only does he lack the general grasp of English that is required to be sassy, he seems like a generally rigid and no-nonsense type of guy. As a team captain, you better believe he doesn’t appreciate people messing with his teammates. He probably doesn’t enjoy jokes at Tim Thomas’ expense too much. He probably really dislikes being the Mother Hen when Tyler Seguin goes out for a night on the town. The latter isn’t so important here.

However, like the age-old saying, what Chara doesn’t understand can’t hurt him and it holds true in this press conference exchange. When asked if his reluctance to draft “all right wingers” will prevent him from drafting Timmy Thomas, Chara is left with no words for you to mull. In fact he may has well have dropped a Tortorella-esque “Okay, see ya” on his way out of the room. Unlike Torts, I feel like Chara just didn’t quite grasp it enough to drop the mic.

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Well, he finally did it folks. Jarome Iginla, face of the Calgary Flames, finally notched goal number 500 to put a big number on a distinguished career. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest goal he ever scored, but it’ll count nonetheless.

Iginla crosses the Wild blueline down the right wing and throws the puck in front of the net where it takes a Calgary bounce past Backstrom and into the Minnesota goal.

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I really, really dislike talking about the subjective, negative, soul-sucking topic that it is suspensions.

I mean, I do it when it’s necessary – obviously it’s a part of the great daily hockey debate – but if I can avoid them, I will.

As a blogger, you wake up and go “okay, what’s the big news of the day?” And since I can’t write about Albert Pujols signing a huge contract with the Angels, today it’s this:

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