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Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks

Last night the current Best Rivalry in Hockey resumed, as the Vancouver Canucks hosted the Chicago Blackhawks and promptly beat them into submission by a score of 3-1, the Blackhawks goal coming with nine minutes left in the third and the game likely out of reach. Understandably, the Blackhawks were frustrated.

Mild evidence of such can be found on the goal below, the Canucks third, where Daniel Sedin sensed the offensively over-eager d-pairing of Duncan Keith and Niklas Hjalmarsson were pressing in, flew zone right as the Canucks gained possession, then scored a beauty on a breakaway with Duncan Keith chasing, and eventually, slashing him in the hip area. Check it out:

Karen Thomson, a reporter for Vancouver’s Team 1040, thought the slash a bit excessive, and decided to confront a frustrated Keith about it in her post-game interview. (An odd choice of an issue to take up, really – when a guy is in clean on your goalie, you want to give him a whack or a push, ideally on the hands as he shoots, to disrupt him. That’s a defensive desperation attempt than pretty much any pro defenseman would tell you they use. Again, a touch excessive at most, but note that no players took issue with it.)

Anyway, Keith, coming off a loss against a rival that saw him play over 27 minutes against seriously tough competition, didn’t care for how the interview went: Read the rest of this entry »