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Jonathan Quick has been nothing but immaculate for the brunt of the NHL playoffs. He has stymied every shooter he has faced, he has accomplished more from the splits position than any man playing hockey since Dominik Hasek, and he has grown a killer beard in the process.

All in all, it has been a net win for Quick and his reputation.

Unfortunately for Quick and his fans, game five didn’t start out too well. The Kings ‘tender came out back of his net and played a puck around it, which is usually a decent play, but it had Bryzgalov-esque quality written all over it as Zach Parise played it off the bounce and slid it home past a diving goaltender.

Too little, too late for the man in goal.
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It hit the internet earlier than last game, and as such you get to discuss it sooner — here’s the game five montage from CBC.
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It took longer to hit YouTube than usual but I have dug up the game four montage from CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast for your enjoyment.
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Impact Player

It’s no secret that we all have our biases whether they are rooted in reason or not. That hockey player who signed your t-shirt, took a picture with you and tousled your hair at a used car dealership? It doesn’t matter if they’re toiling away in the ECHL and will for the next 10 years, you love them, you want them to win, and you’ll forever think NHL GMs are idiots for not giving them a true shot. Odds are you cheer for the team you cheer because your parents sat you down one day and explained “this is what we do in our house” and that’s that. Again, there is no truly reasonable rationale here.
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The press conferences accompanying the Stanley Cup playoffs have gotten much more attention than usual it seems. Between the John Tortorella 36 word odysseys, general Sutter-isms, Dave Tippett and general “I’d tell you what I think but I don’t want to pay for it” comments, these have been much more entertaining than your average pressers.

Today Darryl Sutter was a little… chagrined… with a question from the gallery that asked why game fours have given his team so much trouble. Apparently the inability to sweep every single team you face is a problem.

Here’s Sutter’s reaction.
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Not on Team Coco.

It’s hard being a true hockey fan in a sunny place. There is an inherent skepticism that comes with liking a cold weather sport in a town that is very, very warm. I blame my fellow jaded Canadians for failing to see the hypocrisy in complaining that there are no fans in sunny places and then questioning the legitimacy of said fans when they come out. Seriously folks? Come now.
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See the puck. Be the puck.

In fact, I’d say he has a future in coaching ahead of him given his grasp of how to win hockey games:
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