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Ultimately, most of today will centre around Taylor Hall talk. How dirty is Taylor Hall? How many games suspension will Taylor Hall get? I’m not too sure on the first, since I don’t know Taylor Hall. The only thing I know for sure about Taylor Hall is that he bears a striking resemblance to the stoner that worked electronics the summer I worked in the warehouse of a large Canadian retail chain. I don’t think that on those qualifications that I know enough about Hall to discuss his personality or intentions with regard to his hit on Cal Clutterbuck Thursday night:

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There are probably some perfectly legitimate reasons to be fearful of Taylor Hall’s development, and they’ll probably be discussed in certain detail (hey, here we are now).

The thing that particularly worries me about Hall is that he’s already missed 37 games due to various injuries in his young career; his ankle, shoulder and head have all suffered at one point or another. Does that make his contract extension all the more risky?

It probably won’t take much to convince readers that Hall is the superior player on the Edmonton Oilers. Hall scores at a higher rate and generates more pucks towards the net than Jordan Eberle, the other star forward in Edmonton up for contract renegotiation. These are their base statistics pro-rated over 82 games assuming 16:30 of ice time per game:


Goals Shots Sh%
Taylor Hall 28.9 2.83 12.5%
Jordan Eberle 27.1 2.15 15.4%

Hall scores a little bit more, doesn’t need an absurd shooting percentage to do it, (forwards who have shot between 15-16% in their first two years tend to lose a couple of percentage points) and generates nearly a full shot more. The Oilers also do much better at even strength in generating and preventing scoring chances when Hall is on the ice.

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There’s always been something that bugged me about hockey.

No, it isn’t the appropriate split of hockey-related revenue between the NHL and NHLPA, it’s something far more general and less specific to the actual problems facing the National Hockey League.

It’s the assist. I never really “got” the assist. Sure, I’ve used assists, and by proxy, points, as a marker for a hockey player’s offensive talent, but it seems rather simplistic and arbitrary. Why “two” assists? At what point did the hockey establishment decide that “two” passes before a goal was a perfectly acceptable way of conveying participation in the play?

A lot of television analysts, a lot of whom would probably shy away from the use of modern analytical tools such as Corsi or TOIQualComp, use numbers quite often in their assessment of players. It was a big thing this week when Taylor Hall got his contract extension, analysts were using Jordan Eberle’s point totals to argue that he ought to get a similar deal.

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From The Man himself comes news out of Edmonton today:

That takes Taylor Hall until the year 2020, when he’ll become a an unrestricted free agent. I assume by then he’ll be working a hovercar into his next deal.

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