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The Edmonton Oilers are a franchise keen on keeping traditions in tact no matter how recent. You’ll note that each of the last first overall picks the franchise has had — Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, for those of you with short memories — have missed significant portions of time due to injury in their brief careers.

Enter Nail Yakupov.
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Mike Sielski of the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece yesterday you won’t want to miss called “Cutting a Star Out of the Picture.” It’s about the great Pat LaFontaine, and the New York Islanders determination to whitewash his contributions to the franchise from all memory.

The New York Islanders are a part of my own history, so I take this affront personally. I’m aware that they’ve been as bad as any organization out there for quite some time now (cellar-year after cellar-year, spending to the salary floor, Nassau Coliseum in general), but this is a new type of embarrassing. Charles Wang seems content to play around with his fun little organization like it’s some toy, or more accurately, like he’s a 10 year-old boy pulling the legs off an insect for kicks. I want him to find something else to destroy.

Pat LaFontaine spent eight years with the New York Islanders. Over those years, he scored 566 points, including 287 goals, good enough for 6th and 5th all-time on Islanders career totals lists (BTW, I’m quite proud of my Pops location on most of those lists - he was pretty okay, apparently).

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