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The Columbus Blue Jackets have been on quite a roll as of late. A large part of their success can be attributed to the stellar play of Sergei Bobrovsky between the pipes. Bobrovsky took a Kevin Klein slapshot to the mask in the second period of Tuesday’s game versus the Nashville Predators, and it looked like he was rather dazed from the blast. Of course, rather than pull their hot hand from the game, the Jackets’ trainer let their goaltender huff some smelling salts and all was right… or was it?

Like a regular picture, one that doesn’t move, a .gif can say a thousand words. It’s commonplace at theScore’s palatial towers for bloggers to ogle a good sports .gif for minutes on end. Below is a collection of hockey .gifs that we’ve really enjoyed from the first half of the season. It is, after all, the midpoint of the NHL season for most teams.

Pictured above is Martin Brodeur narrowly saving Martin Brodeur from himself. MOAR .gifs after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

Kyle Wellwood fat jokes are about as fresh as the sashimi from which I contracted food poisoning over the weekend. Still, Kyle Wellwood lives on as the punchline for many a joke in the hockey blogosphere. Whether they’re fair or not, this .gif serves to embody the lazy, disinterested version of Kyle Wellwood that these jokes have led some hockey fans to believe is real.

For some context, TSN panned to Wellwood here prior to Sunday’s shootout versus the Devils right after Mike Johnson praised his effort in regulation and overtime. Thank you, Kyle Wellwood’s involuntary deep inhalation due to boredom.

I called him a hybrid “Worker” here for a reason. How about the use of the butt-end there? Insane.

(.GIF by @TheScottLewis)


With time nearly expired in overtime of the Sabres/Rangers game last night, Rick Nash circled back in his own zone, grabbed the puck, and started gearing up for one last rush. With ample time, space and star quality, you really got the vibe something special was about to happen.

It almost did.

Great save Lundqvist!

(.GIF by Scott Lewis)

Hockey’s poster boy for the word “enigma” went done and did it last night, as you can see above. I mean, yeah that’s pretty decent. My hunch is that going wickets on the d-man was not part of the plan, but hey, he’ll take it.

You know who could use a creative dude like him? The Capitals.

I assume it almost did, anyway. (Thanks to @TheScottLewis for the .GIF)

Phil Kessel scored to open the scoring against the Panthers in the first period yesterday, and the release, location, and beautiful ping off the post make it one of my favourite pure snapshots I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s the video, which you need to watch so you can appreciate the ping: Read the rest of this entry »