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I’m honestly not sure if he was mocking the refs or actually freaking out, but yeah: Guy Boucher went off the rails for a few second last night after the Lightning were on the wrong end of a couple tough calls. Thanks to @CJZero for the .GIF.

Scott Gomez hooked Marty Havlat up with a sweet back-door tap-in last night, only it didn’t count because, um, the goalie stopped the hockey puck (check the time on the game clock too, by the way). Devan Dubnyk is a tall tendy having a quality year so far, and he did his best to help the Oilers grab a point off the Sharks (not an easy task this year), as evidenced by the save above. That’s some fiiine tending of the goal right there.

(.GIF courtesy @TheScottLewis)

When I started my personal blog over at back in 2009, I really wanted to get “” as my address. It was taken, so I kept it simple, but still: it was something my roommates (and others) used to say to describe a great shot in hockey – one that hits the crossbar and goes directly down, hitting the ice before the back of the net.

Example: in practice, in line waiting to do a drill:

“Just scored a sweet goal at the other end.”

“Bardown dot com?”

“Bardown dot com.”

It comes with a satisfying ping, and it’s as high as you can shoot the puck while still scoring.

At the time, the site name was taken, so I left it alone and nearly forgot about it until I saw Michael Handzus score in the shootout against the Ducks last night, and instinctively said “”

Well-placed, good sir.

Yesterday I shared a video of Kari Lehtonen going behind his own back to catch a puck that was clearly headed in, because holy hell did you see that? Man.

Lehtonen’s goals-against-average sits at 2.58, which is just fine, but when you note that his save percentage is .926, you know that he’s getting hung out to dry by his team in Dallas.

Last night it happened again, only this time it was a nifty feed from Pavel Datsyuk that caused the crease chaos. How on earth this doesn’t end up in the net I’ll never know, assuming the tender doesn’t have access to some sort of force field he strings along the goal line.  The .GIF shows it best:

Here it is in real time, if that’s more up your alley: Read the rest of this entry »

Edmonton’s Nick Schultz (aka not Justin) could be forgiven for seemingly giving up on this play as the puck scooted back into the corner behind him. Yes, he could be forgiven if this was Pee-Wee house league. Jamie McGinn demonstrates what will happen when a 200 lbs man with a running start slams into an idle body.

Schultz can count his blessings that this happened at the end of the first period when the Rexall Place ice provided him with 10 cm of snow to cushion his fall.

I’m a big fan of Matt Duchene’s skill set, and was bummed when he had a bit of a down year last season. The good news is, he’s off to a great start in 2013, thanks in part to being awesome, and the Columbus D being less so. He potted two last night, including this beauty that ended in him stationary, arms in the air in the crease, fully composed.

(.GIF courtesy SLewis. Follow him)

After years of being buried in the AHL, Wade Redden is an NHL hockey player again. He’s only roughly four times more excited than his teammates about the Blues scoring, and I love him for that. 17:23 of ice time, and still has the energy to cheer from the bench.

(.GIF courtesy SLewis. Follow him)