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Derek Marr is a self-proclaimed salary arbitration “expert”. Armed with a law degree and previous experience working on NHL arbitration cases, he wrote “The Puck Stops Here: Analysis of Salary Arbitration in the National Hockey League.”


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the NHL’s arbitration process. It’s not often mentioned by the media, but when it is, I am usually left shaking my head. There is a lot of confusion over what players are eligible, what statistics arbitrators consider, what players can be compared, and what values are assigned to players. To alleviate some of this confusion, I’m going to explain the process really freaking simply. If you want the complicated version, check this out. Warning, it’s almost 70 pages.

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You’ve probably heard it here and there over the past few seasons, but a graph in James Mirtle’s column today really drove the point home for me. The amount of Russians coming over to play in the NHL really is on a sharp decline.

Mirtle highlights a number of good points as to why this is the case: the creation of the KHL, the oil money that’s driven up the salaries there, and the fact that the poor perception of Russian players in the NHL means that they don’t get a fair shake, among them.

My guess is that, like Abe Simpson said, it’s “A little from column A, a little from column B” (and plenty from column C).

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One of these guys gets paid well, the other puts up numbers. They are not the same guy

On March 6th, Backhand Shelf took a look at, and noted the NHL’s best cost-per-point players – it’s always fun to do towards the end of the season. Today however, we’re going to be Negative Nancy’s, and look at the worst.

Here’s a list of those who are dead-last, with some caveats first:

Injuries play a role in this list, as some guys haven’t had the opportunity to play enough games to actually score points. There is a 10-game minimum (to eliminate all the 9-game tryout youngsters that would populate the list), but some of these names didn’t get in many games this year.

There’s also the caveat that some guys are defensive defensemen, and their job isn’t to score goals.

Still, it’s always fun to take a peak – check out Bang4YourPuck here for more (and follow them on Twitter – @Bang4YourPuck), but only after you look at the worst cost-per-point players in the NHL.

Oh my goodness, is that Scott Gomez’s music?!

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I feel like there’s a pretty good chance my wife will eventually see the website “” in my browser and conclude I’ve been watching a lot of porn lately, but I swear, this is a hockey site dear.

Quite simply, Bang4YourPuck seeks to find out who’s getting the most out of their contracts, point-per-dollar. Obviously not everyone’s job is to accrue points, so keep that in mind before considering certain guys busts.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting results you can dig up on the site:

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As you’ve likely noticed, Trade Deadline Day in the NHL also doubles as Media Mayhem Day. Everybody has a show, a podcast, a running diary, a live chat, a….you get the picture. The sheer volume of working media that day is insane. I can’t be the only person who’s had ”Too many cooks spoil the broth” run through their head in previous years.

We’re not exactly going understated here at theScore in our coverage, but we think you’ll find it a little more light-hearted (while informed) and palatable than some of your other options.

From 11-4 PM EST I’ll be co-hosting a live stream with Derek Snider (of our beerability segments and numerous things more important than that), with a ton of features, such as:

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"We won! ...Why sure, I've heard of the salary cap. Wait, you traded me where?"

In 18 days, the NHL’s trade deadline will be upon us.

I’ll be hosting a 4.5 hour live stream discussing the ramifications of all the thrilling draft-pick-for-an-AHLer deals, and crossing my fingers that a couple GMs lose their freaking minds and trade EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE. Or that at least a few big names have their lives permanently rearranged to make my day more fun.

Noting that there are a number of teams looking to add talent before then, the wonderful website CapGeek tweeted out how much cash teams have to work with under the salary cap for the rest of the season.

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College hockey fans are to hockey what hockey fans are to other sports.

They feel slighted, like some niche group that isn’t worthy.

They feel like people think all good NHL players come from major junior, and gosh darnit, if they’d just pay attention, they’d see how great their niche is. Because of that, they’re quick to bring up the alma mater of every NHL player who’s worth their salt.

After a Sabres’ goal: “That Tomas Vanek was a University of Minnesota Golden Gopher, don’tchaknow.”

Or maybe they’re more like Canadians – we can’t listen to a single awful song by one of our musical exports without telling our American friend “Did you know Bieber’s Canadian?”

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