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Earlier this morning, Bruce Arthur retweeted Elliotte Friedman of CBC’s weekly “30 Thoughts” column, along with a simple comment:

At this point, that’s not even up for debate – nothing comes close. It’s must-read material, especially for us uniformed bloggers who struggle to get credible information from the depth’s of our mother’s basements.

Football has Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, but um, let’s just say he’s taken some internet abuse over the years for it (MAYBE). Friedman’s work is too rock-solid to deserve anything of the sort.

I’m going to start a weekly feature where I look at Elliotte’s 10 most note-worthy “Thoughts of the Week,” and riff on them a little myself. This way we get all the reliable facets of some actual journalism (him), combined with the wild speculation allowed in the blog world (me). I HEARD RADULOV IS GOING TO START IN GOAL FOR THE PREDATORS. See? Blogging rules.

Without further ado, your first installment of Bourne Riffs on Friedman’s Thoughts. It um…probably needs a better name.

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