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I was tinkering around on Reddit Hockey today, and saw that user bardown10 had Googled “when will the NHL regular season start,” which gave him the result “December 1st.” I tried, and boom – there you have it. All I know is, I’m not one to argue with Google. They’ve got friends in high places, man. Maybe Bettman’s given them the inside scoop.

Canadian golfer Brad Fritsch is a 34 year old golfer, and after a 12 year battle to finally reach the big time, just earned his PGA Tour card. He finished 18th on the Tour (essentially the AHL of golf), and the top 25 get a shot at the big time the following year.

Being Canadian, it only makes sense that he’s a hockey fan. Therefore (apparently), it also makes sense to be sponsored by a team.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet because of the lockout, but when Fritsch gets started next year on the tour, the logo of his favourite team, the Ottawa Senators, will be on his bag.

Apparently this has only happened with a pro sports organization once before (Payne Stewart and the NFL), so in this hockey/golf fan’s opinion, this is awesome news. MY WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.



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Above is the actual image from Jack Johnson’s personal website, which I feel pretty safe calling “over-cooked.” I mean the image, not the website. Oh, and the words too.

Oh, the honour! You despicable scoundrels! You knaves! A pox upon thee!

At least they chose an excellent font.

I mean, I get it – it is pretty shitty to sign contracts that you don’t intend to pay. But I have a lot of other issues beyond the “honour” of businessmen trying to maximize profits.

I can just see Gary Bettman presenting the players latest CBA offer to the owners and saying “Well, gents, we can certainly get a better deal, but you did sign those contracts, so let me appeal to your moral righteousness here and explain why we should accept this.” Johnson should sign one of those fan petitions too. That’ll get the deal done.

Now that I’m done being a complete asshole, here’s what Johnson wrote: Read the rest of this entry »