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San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers

UPDATE: Bob McKenzie is reporting that the Rangers are sending the Sharks a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick (originally from Florida) and a conditional 2nd round pick (that will become a 5th rounder if the Rangers can’t re-sign Clowe or they don’t win 2 playoff rounds).


According to a report by Pierre LeBrun, the New York Rangers have acquired Ryane Clowe from the San Jose Sharks.

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Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings

The Vancouver Canucks have reportedly acquired forward Derek Roy from the Dallas Stars.

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Tampa Bay Lightning v New Jersey Devils

The Carolina Hurricanes have acquired defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for forward Adam Hall and a seventh round pick in this year’s draft.

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In a trade that we were told had no chance of happening just hours ago, the Philadelphia Flyers have sent James Van Riemsdyk to Toronto for Luke Schenn.

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Johnson: "It's so nice to know that Scott Howson wants me in Columbus." Nash: "...I hate you so much right now." Jamie Sabau, Getty Images

The NHL trade deadline is one of the most over-hyped events in the NHL and this deadline was no exception. It took 2 hours from the start of the day for the first legitimate trade rumour to hit Twitter, as Bob McKenzie caught wind of Andrei Kostitsyn heading to Nashville, and in the end, only 16 trades were made.

It was a simple case of too many buyers and not enough sellers, as even a team like the Carolina Hurricanes, currently in 14th in the Eastern Conference, didn’t make a single trade. With Rick Nash staying put, everything was mostly quiet on the Western front; the biggest noise came after the deadline passed, as news came down that the Vancouver Canucks had sent Cody Hodgson to the Sabres for Zack Kassian.

That doesn’t mean that there weren’t other moves and other teams made some significant deals to improve their fortunes heading into the playoffs, while other teams repositioned themselves for next season.

With so few big names moved, it might have been tricky to keep track of who went where and why. As an intelligent hockey fan, you will likely be expected to provide an opinion on the trade deadline to your co-workers, friends, and family. Don’t get stuck for an answer. Allow me to help. Here’s your opinion:

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Well this saga is over

Well, we finally got our “blockbuster” as Cody Hodgson is being sent to Buffalo in exchange for Zack Kassian who is on his way to Vancouver. Also flipping squads are Marc-Andre Gragnani and Alexander Sulzer. Interestingly, it may Gragnani that tips this trade in favor of Vancouver.

The Sami Pahlsson trade to Vancouver now makes a hell of a lot more sense for Vancouver as they seem a lot less backlogged down the middle with the departure of Hodgson. You free up a lot more minutes for Pahlsson by moving Hodgson and reap a lot of the benefits I laid out in the corresponding post – namely, they’re a much more tough to play against, two-way team.

By acquiring Kassian, the Canucks shore up an immediate need that is constantly harped on when we break down their roster. It’s tempting to say that they’re just not tough enough and it will catch up with them over the course of a playoff series, much like it did against Boston in the Cup Finals last season. In many ways the Canucks have picked up their own Milan Lucic in Zack Kassian as that is the immediate comparison I draw in my mind between Kassian and any active player in the NHL. He brings some serious tenacity to their wing, makes them even harder to play against and has plenty of upside going forward from an offensive perspective. I’m a very big fan.

The player I really like in all of this trading is Gragnani who emerged as a very solid offensive defenseman during Buffalo’s playoff series against Philadelphia. Had the Sabres not gone out and signed Christian Ehrhoff – how’d that work out? – Gragnani would have been their go-to power play quarterback and puck moving defenseman. I think the Canucks got a real steal in MAG.

Going back to Buffalo is Cody Hodgson. He won’t be sticking around in Vancouver after finally appearing to have it figured out. Luckily for Hodgson, he may finally have an opportunity to fully live up to his offensive potential as he wasn’t getting anything more than third line minutes in Vancouver and that wasn’t going to change any time soon. Rather, in Buffalo he’ll likely be put in the top two lines right away and have a chance to play with the likes of Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy. If you think you can get a hold of Cody Hodgson in your fantasy leagues, do it. He could be poised to REALLY break out as the talent and minutes around him are poised to grow.

In Sulzer, Buffalo acquires your run of the mill depth defenseman – a bigger stay at home guy who could slide into the six or seven spot – though he’ll have to edge out Buffalo’s defensive prospects T.J. Brennan and Brayden McNabb to really earn his spot. Buffalo is putting a lot of stock in Hodgson working out with this trade because as far as Sulzer goes, you’re not getting much of anything.

That’s my take on the deal at least. Who do you gang think won the deal? Comment, #BShelf, Facebook.

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Also off to the Music City

Paul Gaustad is heading to the Nashville Predators with a fourth round pick for a pretty hefty price tag as they sent a first round pick back to Buffalo. Once again though, you have to be a bit fixated on Nashville as they’ve picked up some solid pieces going forward.

First things first: I don’t think Paul Gaustad is worth a first round pick. To me he is a good guy to have on your third line who can occasionally fill in on your second. I’m a fan of what he bring to a team looking to grind it out deep into the playoffs, but ultimately it’s a steep price to pay.

WITH ALL OF THAT IN MIND… we realistically have to acknowledge that Nashville is saying “we’re going for it.” This team might not have Ryan Suter past this season, and they need to make it clear to their fans and their players that they are dead serious about trying to win a Stanley Cup. They have acquired good depth defenseman in Hal Gill, good secondary scoring in Andrei Kostitsyn and now a big depth center in Gaustad that immediately makes your team tougher and a much more difficult matchup. He’ll fit right into the Nashville system and should bring them closer to the big boys in the West.

They paid a lot, but I have Nashville as a trade deadline winner nonetheless.

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