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While at this year’s NHL Draft, theScore crew took some time out to quiz some of our fellow bloggists on a few of the more obscure draft busts from over the years.

Specifically, our contestants were Scott Wasilewski  (@ScottyWazz, Face Off Hockey Show), Sean Leahy (@Sean_Leahy, Puck Daddy), and Mike Halford (@HalfordPHT, Pro Hockey Talk).

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The majority of this year’s NHL draft class were born in…gulp…1994. As in, Friends was kicking ass, The Offspring was pumping in a ton of hockey dressing rooms, and Ed Jovonovski had that new car smell.

We decided to test the knowledge of this year’s draft class on ’94 to see what these kids know about what was important to so many of us, way back when.

Here it is – with Rob Pizzo as your host, the Backhand Shelf Trivia Challenge: Class of ’94:

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