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dallas stars logo

Unlike the Carolina Hurricanes new jerseys, which are very similar to their old ones, the Dallas Stars new digs are different. I think I really like them, too.

At the very least they’re a stark contrast to, oh, every other jersey in the league, and they aren’t too busy. I don’t even mind the logo, where a lot of other people do. The circle patch on the shoulder is meh, but whatever. Overall thumbs up.

The Stars have new jerseys, and they’re better than anything they’ve ever sported…since moving from Minnesota. Read the rest of this entry »

canes jerseys

And there you have it. Really like the whites. Reds are a little, shall we say REEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

For more info, click here.

(S/t to Sean Leahy)


The good folks over at the website Icethetics do a nice job getting potential jersey concepts out there before teams drop them on the public, and today they were back at it. Carolina’s big reveal is next on the docket, and the team has been releasing some teasers of late, so Icethetics took a couple shots at their potential new looks today based on those. They look, um…a lot like their old ones. I do like the use of the black though. Read the rest of this entry »