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Jordan Nolan with his Mom and Dad, hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup

One of my most distinct memories as a hockey player was being called to the front of the plane to sit in the middle seat between Garth Snow and Ted Nolan on the flight back to Long Island from Isles camp in Moncton.

It was the ceremonial “we liked what we saw from you, but you aren’t going to be an Islander this year” chat that so many of us got on that voyage. Being that I was well aware of that fact it wasn’t exactly heartbreak (though the walk back down the aisle past the guys wasn’t all that awesome). The two men were very professional, and I respected them both and appreciated how they treated me at the time.

So when I read Ted Nolan’s quotes today, the day after his son won the Stanley Cup, and heard him be a completely different person than the serious authority figure I came to know during my time with the team, I couldn’t help but be happy for him and his family. His son’s name is about to be engraved on sports greatest trophy.

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