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I say “fascinating” in the most literal sense of the word here. This feature gives me a case of the fascinates.

I’m told by gamers around the office that the NBA2K series has had something like this, and there’s been some sort of “Sims” meets “soccer” game, but this is new to hockey: a feature called “Live The Life,” in which you create an NHL player, and try to become a fan favourite (or a heel, whatever you’re into). You’ll also want to earn the respect of your teammates and management.

There are options like “face the media,” and “earn endorsements,” all accomplished by making the right choices with your character. It’s like a choose your own adventure books, minus the paper cuts!

I can see it now…

Would you like to:

A) Work on your wrist shot
B) Hang out with your teammates at the pub
C) Punch a guy in a sushi restaurant
D) Tweet a picture of your man-parts

(I have no idea what the actual questions look like, but I’m hoping these are all options.)

So go forth and conquer, young pro. Become a fan fave, make your teammates love you, convince management you’re gold. Video games have sure changed since I was a kid.

(S/t to @TheScottLewis)

This week’s simulation highlights feature a fantastic performance by Jimmy Howard (his rebound control prior to the glove save is fantastic. Direct those shots to the corners!), the Habs obliterate the Bruins, and of course, they work in the highlight of Danius Zubrus getting a slapper in the face again. I love how insistent they are that we watch that clip.

This morning I checked out the new “defensive reveal” for NHL 13, and I gotta say, I’m awfully excited for this year’s edition of the game.

In the early days of “NHL” series, when you had possession you had it solidly. It was fun, but not very realistic. This year, it looks like it’s going to be a lot easier to puck pokes loose from your opponent (as opposed to requiring a massive hit), and you’ll have to be smarter about when and where you’re passing.

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