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The World Junior Vodcasts, sadly, have come to a close. Fortunately, we went out with a good long review of the medal games – hope you enjoy.

We hit on:

* Jordan Binnington’s tough start

* Yakupov’s great game

* John Gibson’s amazing performance

* Canada’s first non-medal since 1998

* And much more


You can listen to it here:


…and download it here.

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In today’s World Junior Vodcast, John Noon, Jake Goldsbie and I break down the gold medal game between Sweden and the US, and the bronze medal game between Canada and Russia, including:

* What gives the US the upper hand? Do they have one at all?

* Who’s favoured in the bronze-medal match-up?

* What are each team’s “keys to victory,” (as much as I hate that expression)

* Russia’s strengths and weaknesses

* Predictions!

* And oh, so much more. Enjoy!


You can listen to it here:


And download the audio here.

Today’s World Junior Vodcast featured Noon and Goldsbie miraculously staying conscious despite their 4 a.m. wakeups, and the usual breakdown, including:

* The US dominance over Canada today

* The play of Gaudreau, McCabe, Subban and others

* Canada’s numerous problems

* Sweden’s defeat of Russia

* Going forward in the World Junior tournament

* And much more!


You can listen to it here,


And download it here.

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No JB on the vodcast today, but my boys John Noon and Jake Goldsbie took care of the recap and analysis nicely for you.

They discussed:

* The US rout of the Czechs

* John Gibson’s performance in goal

* Johnny Gaudreau’s hattrick

* The Swiss almost beating the Russians

* The play of Nail Yakupov

* And much more!


You can listen to it here:


And download it here.

Happy New Year’s Eve! Today Noon, Goldsbie and I broke down the World Junior action as per usual, including:

* Canada’s victory over Russia

* Jonathan Drouin’s exceptional play

* Bad goal celebrations

* The Czech’s OT win over the Swiss

* The US drubbing of Slovakia

* And much more Read the rest of this entry »

             As a general rule, getting to horizontal a foot *before* hitting the ice is less than ideal.                      (BTW: this is allowed to be funny because the kid’s okay.)

Hallo! We’re back with another Vodcast recap of the day’s World Junior action. Our next one will be on Monday when we recap Canada/USA and Canada/Russia.

In today’s podcast, we hit on:

* Canada surviving an early-game scare from Slovakia

* J.C. Lipon’s suspendable elbow

* Anthony Camara’s non-suspendable hit (above)

* The Russians beat the Americans

* The Finns got upset

* One of the hosts wears a cat shirt, and it’s NOT me

* And much, much more. Enjoy.

You can listen to it here:


And download the audio here.

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Today’s Backhand Shelf Vodcast with myself, Goldsbie and Noon touched on:

* USA’s destruction of Germany

* Germany’s, um, not great start to the first and second periods

* Switzerland being the best of the bad teams

* Canada’s embarrassing decision to give their game star a “hero cape”

* Nail Yakupov calling Canada dirty

* And much more

You can watch it here: Read the rest of this entry »