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Last night at the American Music Awards, Carrie Underwood was up for best country album, so naturally, she brought her hubby Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators along with her. Well, she won, and they gave us an excellent “Stars: they’re just like us!” moment when she made the purse hand-off.

Heh. Most men don’t carry purses, you see, so this is funny. I love that he immediately looks for somewhere to put it down. He did have a sense of humour about it though, so that’s cool. We’ve all been there, my man.

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UPDATE: While Fisher played hubby, Dion Phaneuf danced it out.

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I’m not sure if you’ve heard this or not, but not everyone loves Gary Bettman. The anger and frustration so many fans feel while hockey continues to not be played has to be directed somewhere, and the current commish has willingly made himself the target, taking the heat off, well, almost everyone and everything else.

Few public figures can be the object of so much scorn and keep their position for too long, so some day, somewhere down the road, Gary Bettman will hang up his commishing boots, take his shmillions of dollars, and go do whatever the hell it is that he likes to do in his spare time (skin kittens?).

So, given that yesterday was election day (yay/boo your guy won/lost!), we here at Backhand Shelf figured it’d be a good day to asses who would be the most popular replacement in the eyes of us, the fans. Read the rest of this entry »

Yeah, whatever, I sunk to this.

I think a solid hockey blog should provide balance. A little advanced stats here, a little “watch the game” there, some analysis, some highlights, whimsy, all that good stuff.

This morning we posted an excellent lockout solution courtesy @67sound, who proposed a “make-whole” cap that would allow both the NHL and NHLPA to stick to their core principles, while coming to an agreement on how the new CBA should look. It involved both numbers and words, and those things are often very complex for hockey fans. Especially the male ones.

For balance (man this is taking a lot of justification), I now present you with the latest Dallas Stars Ice Girls “Lake Day” video. Because it says the name of a hockey team on some of their bikinis, this counts as hockey related, trust me. I’m an expert. Read the rest of this entry »

Big KHL fan

Fully saturated on stories about the latest CBA proposal from the owners, I set out to do something different: find a hockey highlight or two to remember why I follow this damn sport to begin with.

Naturally, I headed immediately to the website of the best league in the world right now (gag), the KHL. One would assume the World’s Best League would have a pretty rad website too. Yes, RAD. Speaking of, yesterday I stumbled across Alexander Radulov, but today’s find was even better.

“KHL TV” brought me to this page: Read the rest of this entry »

I had commented in an earlier post that there aren’t a lot of recognizable names atop the scoring lists of European hockey leagues. More accurately, there aren’t a lot of NHL players.

Alexander Radulov is certainly a recognizable name that’s up there, having spent parts of multiple seasons with Nashville, including his most recent stop, a messy affair that led to his suspension during a crucial Predators playoff game.

For all the things that have ever been written and/or said about Radulov, one statement is noticeably absent: “he isn’t good.” The reason for this being of course, that Alexander Radulov is an excellent hockey player.

Get this: according to Wikipedia Radulov is the KHL’s all-time leading scorer (can that be true? He turned 26 in July) with 254 points. He’s a three-time league MVP and a Gagarin Cup champion (that’s their Stanley Cup, BTW). This season Radulov once again finds himself atop the KHL’s scoring leaderboard, which brings me to the sole reason for this post: the leader gets their headshot posted on the “stats” front page, and AHHHHHHHHHHHH RUNNNNNNNNNN………… Read the rest of this entry »

If there’s one thing we know for sure about hockey fans, it’s that they love the sport’s history. And not just the actual hockey: the old jerseys, the gear, the collectibles and beyond.

Reddit Hockey is a wonderful site for digging up old stuff, as fans head there to share the gems they’ve dug up in thrift stores, garage sales, and on the internet. One such prized finding is the image of Jaromir Jagr below, courtesy “vuvuzela332.”

Let’s take some time to break this down – and don’t act like this is lockout filler – this is important.

The year, we’ll assume, is 1992. I’m going off the hair, which is similar to the lid he rocked in the early ’90s, as shown above. His teammate, I’m sad to admit…I have no idea (Jiri Slegr?). I could use a little help there, folks. (UPDATE: Martin Straka.)

Let’s take an overall look, then go from the top down: Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins fired out the following tweet – I recommend you give it a go. Read the rest of this entry »