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The coach of the Ottawa Senators, Paul MacLean, leads the League in unintentional hilarity. Darryl Sutter gives him a run for his money, but MacLean’s mustachioed, Walrus-esque appearance puts him over the top.

We’ve been compiling a few great media-related .GIFs here today at theScore, and have come to the conclusion that there’s no feasible way we can top this one.

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They will win the twitter war.

The L.A. Kings have been causing quite the riot on twitter these days, what with chirping their opponents and proclaiming their own awesomeness and whatnot. It’s really been quite a ride. I don’t know about you but I think it beats the team accounts that just tweet out their starting line up that day and RT their fanboys who just make stupid hashtags as a tribute to their favorite scrub player. Or, the teams that RT their fanboys who tweet how much they think their favorite team will win by at the end of March, three weeks after they were eliminated from the playoffs…

You know who you are.

At any rate, the Kings have been having a field day ahead of their game two match up against the St. Louis Blues, and decided to push their man in the NHL13 cover race, Anze Kopitar, on twitter. Conveniently, Kopitar is matched up against Blues star and super pest, David Perron. The Kings pumped up their man online and there was some predictable backlash.
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From the guy who brought you this sexy look...

It’s tough to find 100% playoff beard conformity in any dressing room, but from my experience, there are two types of guys who don’t stick to the “grow it out and leave it be” program:

A) Tough guys. I have no idea why they think fu manchus are hilarious or tough-looking, but they do.

B) Guys who grow sparse, patchy beards who spare us the pre-pubescent mustache (that Crosby has tortured us with for years) by shaving clean.

So this….this was a curveball. Jaromir Jagr doesn’t fit in either category.

Is it awful or awesome? I’m seriously having trouble deciding. I think I just need to see it grow out a bit more before reaching a verdict.

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Joe Thornton’s Unplayoff Beard

Important fact: This picture was taken WEEKS before the playoffs.

There was a time when I didn’t know about playoff beards.

When I was young and naïve and knew nothing of hockey, by which I mean in 2006, and I saw some TV clips of the Oilers in the Cup Final, I did indeed observe that two-thirds of the team had huge f*#k-off beards. However, I just assumed that that was the fashion in Edmonton. Sure, it seems like an unfair cultural stereotype to believe that men in Western Canada all go around with beards so enormous it looks as though their faces are being mounted by large amorous rodents, but then again, before I came here I thought it was an unfair cultural stereotype to believe that Canadians were unhealthily obsessed with hockey, and look how that turned out. For all I know, people in Germany really do walk around in lederhosen. It might be true.

And anyway, what’s a girl to think when she sees a fifteen men who all live in the same town and all have huge f*#k-off beards? Huge f*#k-off beards are not common on men under-40 in contemporary North America. Facial hair, sure, but it’s pretty much always manicured facial hair. Goatees, soul-patches, those avuncular beards trimmed like short-pile carpeting over the chin, and now, in this awful awful ironic age, the sleazy moustache. But huge f*#k-off beards? Wild, undisciplined beards long enough to flutter gently in the breeze? Those are not something men generally cultivate until the grandfather years. You cannot blame a young unhockeyish American for being perplexed by the phenomenon.

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"D'jou guys see that oh man I was right there!!1!"

In last night’s Penguins/Flyers game, things got a little heated. Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette blamed Dan Bylsma and the Penguins for creating the on-ice chaos by putting their fourth line on the ice after some drama (they hadn’t played in 12 minutes), so he snapped a Max Talbot stick over the glass in the Pens direction, half of which ended up in their bench (“Said Talbot, “It was sad. That was a good stick.”)

Either way, Pens assistant coach Tony Granato got fired up in return, and stood on the bench to go face-to-face with Laviolette.

While all this took place, poor Pierre McGuire who was “Between the Glass” had no idea what do with himself. Do I look down? Up? What do I do with my arms?

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In the Globe & Mail today, Paul Waldie had an interview with Jets forward Jim Slater that starts out like this:

Winnipeg Jets forward Jim Slater knows exactly what he’ll do with the money he gets from his next big hockey contract.

He won’t buy a flashy new car or a big house. He’ll go into space.

“That’s what I would spend my money on,” Slater said Tuesday. “I would spend $250,000 to go to outer space for 30 seconds than to have a brand new car.”

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It’s no secret that it’s been a very rough season for the Edmonton Oilers. After two seasons at last overall in the NHL, it looks like the once-proud franchise is headed for a third consecutive lottery pick. Luckily for fans of the team, they can keep a close eye on the perpetual rebuild process of the franchise in ways no fanbase has ever had the luxury of doing: for instance, the ‘Oil Change’ documentary series is in its second season, and the team can connect with its stars Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle via social media.

While the frivolities of NHL life are chronicled one mundane tweet at a time by 99% of NHLers who use Twitter, the Oilers’ S. Horcov, a Soviet ex-pat who captains the team, has a very eye-opening feed which takes his followers behind the scenes. Horcov, under long-term employ of the Oilers, can be quite critical of management, although in his biography he states “in Russia if you tweet wrong, it is gulag for you. Here I am free man“.

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