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This blocked shot by Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nate Thompson on Washington Capitals’ defenceman Mike Green is probably the best advertisement for visors of all time.

Don’t think that visors should be mandatory? Check out this picture of what’s left of Thompson’s and think about what his face would look like without it.

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I called him a hybrid “Worker” here for a reason. How about the use of the butt-end there? Insane.

(.GIF by @TheScottLewis)

His third of the night, in particular, was faaaan-mazing. Amaze-tastic. Whatever. Great goal.

It’s nearly 6 a.m. EST on Sunday morning, but staying up was worth it to post this simple message on Backhand Shelf:


Again: The NHL is back.

That felt glorious to type, twice. Sunday, Monday, we’ll have all the news and previews for you (in article and podcast form), but the most important thing is that life for hockey fans is back to how they know it. I’m genuinely happy for you. (…Okay, “us.”)

Kudos to those of you who were optimistic the whole time like me, and to those of you who were pessimistic….kudos for being realistic. As I said, more on this tomorrow, but for now, again, let’s settle on this piece of simplicity:


Here it is from informed people. Here. We. Go:







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Brianna Decker is a senior at the University of Wisconsin. She captains the women’s hockey team, and holy hell did she score a sick goal this weekend.

I’ll spare the two defenders an advanced “Systems Analyst” breakdown, as I’m pretty sure your average hockey fan is aware what went awry there. First girl is caught outside the dots, pivots to forwards(?), and the other almost backs into the crease. We’ll leave it there.

STILL! You can only play the players you’re playing, and that shouldn’t take away from Decker’s nasty double toe-pull-to-low-blocker-snipe.

Always fun to see North Dakota get scored on.

(Stick-tap to Katie Baker and @NHLBlinn for passing that along.)

The fun side of hockey celebrates a goal

I’ve berated you with gloom and sadness today — Gary Bettman & Teemu Selanne retiring are worthy of emotional Nicolas Cage — so I’ll take this moment during the mid-afternoon to provide you with something uplifting today.

If you are Canadian it will make you cry. If you’re American, you’ll be mildly bitter, but still get chills. If you’re a fan of anything, you will appreciate this deeply.
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Must-see video: Alfie Rises

We’ve been inspired.

Or more specifically, our video team has been inspired, headed up by content manager/Ottawa Senators’ fan Derek Snider.

The “Los Angeles Rises” video I wrote about earlier played into that inspiration, and things just took off from there.

So as Senators’ captain Daniel Alfredsson contemplates his playing future, we offer this fan’s tribute as an inspiration for Alfie to return for one more season.

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