I’ve got some quick quotes from you for now and will have some more thoughts, quotes and observations from the Raptors 117-112 loss to the Boston Celtics for you later (late!) tonight.

Jay Triano

- On the effort: “We didn’t work hard until the fourth quarter. We got our asses kicked…we have to make it up by outworking teams. We didn’t do that…I thought last year there were individuals that did it, tonight it just seemed like we were a step slow.”

- What went wrong: “I didn’t think that we had the grit, the desire and the fight that we’re going to need if we’re going to win basketball games or compete against teams like the Boston Celtics.”

- Why the grit, desire and fight wasn’t there: “Maybe it’s the combination of players I have, haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Guys should not be able to drive down the lane and lay the ball in without getting fouled, especially early in the game. They tackled us three times when we got layups. We tackled nobody. Until we learn it’s going to take a little bit of that…I told them, you guys foul out. Send a message that at least we’re not going to allow layups. I don’t care if six guys foul out, seven guys foul out, foul out, don’t let them think they can lay the ball in, but it was a layup line.”

- On the exchange with Andrea Bargnani during a fourth quarter timeout: “Well I spoke to…I think everybody got an intense conversation today. I could go through everybody if you want. He wasn’t very good and he wasn’t alone. I talked to everybody.”


- On Triano saying there was a layup line: “I think more than anything, if you see some people constantly getting layups, a hard foul is the worst [least] thing you can do. That’s one thing we can’t shy away from when teams keep scoring in the paint. We have to send a message at some certain point. If we keep having those breakdowns, even if you come in here, there’s still going to be a price to pay.”

- How do you get that message across: “Whoever, as a team, I should say…getting tired of it, actually. I think you get tired of seeing teams laying the ball up, dunking, high-fiving and celebrating and whatever. It comes as an individual challenge and a team challenge as well.”

- On the mistakes coming during the preseason: “It is preseason, that’s just the reality of it. No matter how good or how bad you play it doesn’t count, yet. If you go 8-0 in preseason, but you go 0-8 the first eight games, what really are you upset about? Not trying to negate preseason because it’s an important time for us as a team. We need to use these games as learning tools leading up to when we play New York. We’re not a talented enough team or a more experienced team where we can just let any opportunity go the wayside and not use it as a learning experience. With that being said, we’ve still got to come out, still got to execute, still got to learn the things we’ve been learning in training camp and not let it go by without a day where we get better.”

- On the Celtics: “That is a really good team. You’re playing against a team with four Hall of Famers. That’s like, unbelievable. Even Miami doesn’t have that.”

- On the Celtics experience and Raptors youth: “They’ve been around for awhile. A long while. KG’s been in the league 16 years. That’s crazy. You’ve gotta add four of us up to get to 16 years.”