I can’t quite make out what this extremely vocal Hedo Turkoglu critic yelled at the Air Canada Centre today between the “flat-out lazy” and “you have zero work ethic” parts, but this is definitely my highlight of the preseason so far.

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  1. I heard that to extremely funny. I was thinking that guy would have gotten kicked out if he did that at a Blue Jay game

  2. Does the Rogers Centre staff really throw fans out for heckling opposing players? This guy didn’t swear and, more importantly, he’s right.

  3. ajajjaajjajajajaj so funny

  4. I’ve heard stories about fans being told to sit down in empty sections of the stadium.

    And being warned they would be thrown out if they didn’t. There’s no hope for the Jays competing with the Sox/Yankees, and incompetent management on top of that.

  5. I swear that sounds like Will Ferrell

  6. @t It does sound like him, now that you mention it. “HEDO! WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK TO YOUR HOME ON WHORE ISLAND!”

  7. That fan is my little brother, and fellow season ticket holder.
    We both hate Hedo with a serious passion!


  8. Rogers Centre is bad for that! The Texas Rangers bullpen got upset because they were being heckled, and cried to management. 3 People were kicked out!

  9. That was me, believe that.

  10. Really?!?

    What’s this world coming to, when we can’t heckle an opposing player at a sporting event……..SAD! SMH

  11. Furthermore, I took it easy on Hedo, although he is softer then baby shit .
    I really made Grant Hill my focal point of the game, that geriatric fuck. He’s so old he farts dust! He should just move into a closed gate community in South Beach and stop bothering people. Maybe take up lawn bowling with Christian Laetner and the rest of those ’92 Duke burnouts.
    See you all on Wednesday, I can’t wait to give those deepdish eating cowards a piece of me mind! I’ll be wearing a purple Raptors baseball jersey. GO RAPS GO!!

  12. @Raptor: Excellent job, my passionate friend. Diehard Raptors fans everywhere salute you.

  13. the only thing pathetic is the fans saying that. If the raptors would have been un selfish and proffessional they would not have held a subliminal grudge like attitude towards Hedo and we would be looking for a pro true center and a impact 2 /3 , we’d still have Bosh and we’d be in the hunt for a championship., all he wanted was the ball!!! how many times did I watch Hedo fly up the wing with his hands out waiting for the ball??? to many, how many possession did he want the ball, he seemed to only get it when no one else could do anything with it. You dnt sign a ten year veteran and try to change the way he plays.I will never let this go, I am´╗┐ a Raptor fan 4 ever… But they fucked up… You don’t sign a 10 year veteran who has gotten better every year in the league in some way and then try to change him. The Raptors players seemed to on purpose fuck with Hedo by not giving him the ball, with a couple games like this one as an exception. I am glad he has gone to play with real pro players in pheonix where they will have no problem giving him the ball.

    But Hedo does need to look in the mirror get angry get motivated and put these haters in there place, cuz his confidence on the court seems shot after the year in Toronto, He’s dribbling and getting stuck in places he never used to, he’s not playing ball like the Hedo I know. Come on Hedo it’s time to get back!!

  14. @candyman: Hedo most certainly did not improve every season before he came to the Raptors. His 2007-08 season was his best season by far and he fell off substantially in 2008-09, which was part of the reason I opposed the Raptors acquiring him in the first place. It’s not entirely his fault that he was a bad fit in Toronto (and he’ll be an even worse fit in Phoenix) but it was his fault that he was out of shape didn’t give 100 percent effort all the time in Toronto.

  15. Hedo is a pile of thrash. He’s slow and out of shape. He wont

  16. Hedo is a pile of thrash, he is slow and out of shape. He wont be successful is phoenix because he is a pick and role player and the suns already have steve nash for that. He wasn’t s good in toronto for the same reason, calderon would and jack would mainly run the pick and role with bosh not hedo. In Orlando he was the best because jameer nelson is a scoring point guard so hedo would run the pick and role with howard and he could open up the floor for the shooters and himself. In toronto he could’t do that because they played him as a 1 on 1 player in which hedo cant do. He is mainly a pick and role player, he wont fit into the suns system.

  17. Atta boy Mike,
    way to acknowledge that its most definitely you’re little brother, considering I know you both too, lets just be real did we expect anything less from him, I mean maybe save some for the real season but you gotta love his preseason enthusiasim.

  18. you tell him, Al. BALL

  19. that is soooooo will ferrel

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