It’s safe to say that the Suns are going to be looking for some measure of revenge because of that 51-point smackdown the Raptors put on them on Oct. 6. ┬áBased on what’s happened since then, can we agree that game was a humongous fluke? Not that the Suns are going to be world-beaters this season, but… well, if you’ve watched the Raptors’ four preseason games since then, you know what I mean. There’s also this quote from Steve Nash which probably means something: “Personally, I don’t like losing, especially when you get your ass handed to you. So, I don’t want that to happen again.”

After that wacky fourth quarter on Friday when the Raptors outscored the Celtics 39-16, I’d like to see Solomon Alabi, Julian Wright, Joey Dorsey and Marcus Banks get some significant playing time today to truly see what they bring to the table. I’d also like to see Jay Triano try to let Amir Johnson play for at least 30 minutes to see if he can do it without fouling out. I’d also like a full-time personal Brazilian masseuse and I’m about as likely to have that wish come true as any of the others.

Start time: 1:00 PM ET
Channel: NBA TV Canada
Possible starting lineups
Toronto: Jose Calderon (why?!?), DeMar DeRozan, Linas Kleiza, Reggie Evans (SERIOUSLY?!?), Andrea Bargnani
Phoenix: Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, Grant Hill, Channing Frye, Robin Lopez

Your pregame song on this sunny Sunday afternoon is “Cobrastyle” by Robyn. Shut up, I like this song and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. If you have a better suggestion for a future game thread, post it in the comments.