• Nobody’s more surprised than I am that Reggie Evans has been the big story for the Raptors this preseason. It appears that he’s taking a leadership role on this team in terms of demonstrating the necessity of earning playing time through maximum effort. Here’s Jay Triano on Reggie: “We have guys that play the piano and guys that carry the piano and he carries it. Do your job and let the other guys do their jobs. He knows what his role is and he’s become pretty good at it.” (Toronto Star)
  • Raptors HQ compares Reggie to another great rebounder, Dennis Rodman, and decides that starting Reggie might not be such a bad idea after all (Raptors HQ)
  • What’s with NBA players and Skittles? Derrick Rose and Lamar Odom both have Skittles machines in their houses and now we learn that Reggie is a Skittles fiend, himself. He reportedly dropped 15 pounds this past summer partially due to limiting his Skittles intake to Saturdays. (Globe and Mail)
  • This article makes it seem like Sonny Weems hasn’t been hitting his shots this preseason, but he’s actually making his shots at a .471 clip so far. We know from last season that his mid-range game should be fine, but he definitely needs to develop an accurate three-point shot and get to the rim more to draw fouls. (Toronto Sun)
  • All signs seem to point towards Jose Calderon getting the starting point guard job when the real season starts next Wednesday. Hey, if this helps his trade value in some fashion, I’m all for it. (Toronto Sun)
  • Raptors Republic breaks down a sequence from last Friday’s game against the Celtics where Andrea Bargnani didn’t fulfill his help defense responsibilities. What else is new, right? (Raptors Republic)
  • Here’s a thorough analysis of Bargnani’s preseason and a glimmer of hope that he might be improving on defense. (NBA Playbook)
  • This fantasy basketball expert thinks that Bargnani will average 20 points per game this season, so keep that in mind if you haven’t had your draft yet. (ESPN.com)

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