• Assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo confirmed yesterday that Jose Calderon would open the season as the Raptors’ starting point guard. As the saying goes, it’s not who starts the game, it’s who finishes it, right? Unless, of course, both Jose and Jarrett Jack are on the floor together¬† in the closing minutes — in which case I’ll probably go outside and slam my head in my car door. (Fan 590)
  • No big surprise that the Raptors released Ronald Dupree yesterday — I basically assumed he was practice fodder. (Toronto Sun)
  • Jay Triano wants DeMar DeRozan to get to the free throw line eight times per game this season. Six players averaged eight or more free throw attempts per game last season: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. (Toronto Star)
  • Sonny Weems thinks team chemistry is a lot better this season. Have you ever heard a player say in preseason that he thinks team chemistry is worse than before? (National Post)
  • Bill Simmons talks NBA season win total over/unders in a two-part B.S. Report podcast. Even though he thinks this team will stink and he thinks Ed Davis is on the Pistons, it’s still an entertaining listen. (ESPN.com)
  • Eye Weekly covers sports now? That’s news to me. Anyway, they have a Raptors preview, for whatever it’s worth. (Eye Weekly)

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  1. There’s absolutely no way DeRozan averages 8 trips to the free throw line a game. No way. Reach for the stars, I guess.

  2. @Navin: Agreed. He’s trying hard to drive relentlessly to the hoop in preseason and he’s averaging 7.2 free throw attempts per 36 minutes, which is quite good. However, when the losses start piling up in the regular season, it’s almost inevitable that DeRozan will get discouraged and stop trying to initiate contact all the time. He could potentially average 6 FTAs per game, but 8 isn’t happening.

  3. Scott, I think if DD hits 8 FTA’s per 36, he will have shown the aggressiveness that the coaches want to see from him. So even though he’ll likely play less than 30 MPG, he can still achieve that mark, in a manner of speaking.

  4. I’m not a fan of Calderon starting at all. The starting lineup that’s been used the last few games and that will probably be used to start the season is totally unbalanced, yet again.

    Look at it from a defensive standpoint:
    Jack > Calderon
    Weems > DeRozan
    Kleiza deserves to start but he’s not a great defender
    Amir > Evans (maybe debatable given Evans’ strength, but Amir gets up and down the floor better and blocks more shots)
    Bargs we all know about

    From a quickness/athletic standpoint, Calderon, Kleiza, Bargs and Reggie are not exactly great transition players. They are going to get burned on fast breaks repeatedly.

    Maybe when Davis comes back, Amir will get thrown into the starting lineup. This team can’t afford to get killed every 1st quarter and rely on the 2nd unit to claw its way back. Throw Jack and Amir in the SL. Then you can have Calderon, Barbosa, Weems, Davis (eventually) and Evans available off the bench.

  5. dribbles: I’m forecasting a lot of double-digit deficits after one quarter for the Raptors this season with that lineup.

  6. So, according with what you’ll are stating, Triano and Carlesimo are wrong, and shoot themselves’s feet, going with this starting unit.
    But I’ll ask you: why do they do this for? To please their master?
    Two are the cases: 1) the coaches’re choosing the best they think they have, or 2) they stinks, don’t have a clue, and are deadly incompetent.
    Apart, of course, the other possibility: preys of Colangelo’s strong will.
    Now, enlighted by this, you tell me again your opinions.

  7. In my opinion, that starting lineup has been built to do two things: to mask Bargnani’s rebounding deficiencies and to ensure that Bargnani and Derozan are able to take good shots within the offense.

    Now, is it a smart decision in either the short term or the long term to do this? In either case, the answer to this depends a great deal on how Bargnani and Derozan respond this year.

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