The previous preseason meeting of these teams went badly for the Raptors, to put it mildly. Chicago had a 23-point lead by the end of the third quarter and proceeded to coast to a 109-90 victory thanks to strong performances by Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah — two players that the Raptors really don’t have an answer for. In the Bulls’ last game on Saturday, they got spanked 105-67 by the Magic and since they’re obviously a much better team than that, I expect they’ll come out fired up tonight.

Joakim Noah will sit this one out with flu-like symptoms (probably from a bad batch of weed) and Kyle Korver is sidelined with a gross cyst on his ankle. Taj Gibson has missed the previous two Bulls games with a sore heel so he’s questionable for tonight’s game. For the Raptors, Joey Dorsey and David Andersen are probably both out tonight with their minor injuries. I don’t really have much else to say about this game. I’m ready for the real games to get going.

Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: NBA TV Canada
Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Linas Kleiza, Reggie Evans, Andrea Bargnani
Chicago: Derrick Rose, Keith Bogans, Luol Deng, Kurt Thomas, Omer Asik

My boss happened to be nearby when I was setting up this thread so I asked him to pick tonight’s pregame song. After initially suggesting “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys (presumably as a joke, I hope), we agreed on “Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges. Here’s hoping the Raptors act like street-walking cheetahs with hearts full of napalm tonight.

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  1. Omer asik playing in the nba..and as a starting….. my god its confirmed everybody can play there!!!!!

    Shame on you omer! you bothered the serbs and averybody in the world cup

  2. Asik is very impresive. He isnt just a big white guy. He has some good instincts and looks to have a decent basketball IQ. Dont really know what the hell your talking about daniel. Keep the polical stuf somewhere else.
    Raptors showed some flashes. Demar was impressive in the 1st quarter taking the ball strong to the basket. Reggie has impressed me in the simple fact that when he get an offensive rebound he doesnt try and go back up with it he is kicking it out. Barbosa just amazing how did the Raprs steal him from the Suns. Could you amagine this team with Turk instead of Babosa on it. Amir still fouling alot. Calderon still cant play defence. Bargs getting better but had some horrible defensve lapses througout the game.. Sonny Weems I dont know what it is but something seems just off to me with him. He isnt getting alot of minutes and when he is in the game he is just shooting every chance he gets. Not a bad game some good flashes and more bad ones

  3. why ? you have seen asik playing once and you think he is impresive?

  4. saw him play twice and yes thought he had some good upside. he plays pretty good defence and he is pretty solid on his feet. Dont hate a guy from where he comes from. Its basketball, enjoy it.

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