The Raptors may have only lost to the Bulls by seven points but I was very, very discouraged by what I saw. Jose Calderon looked as unsure of himself as I’ve ever seen him, Amir Johnson fouled out in 16 minutes so I’m losing hope he’s ever going to be able to play 30 minutes per game, and Andrea Bargnani and Reggie Evans will probably be a worse starting frontcourt defensively than Bosh and Bargnani were last season.

I was going to write more about Calderon here but I’m posting his player profile today so I’ll save it for that. There’s not much Raptors stuff today so I’ll mix in some other noteworthy NBA links.

  • Frank Zicarelli speculates that Calderon’s confidence might be damaged because of the cancelled trade to Charlotte. (Toronto Sun)
  • Jay Triano accepted some blame for the Raptors’ sluggish performance last night: “We got out-worked in the game but I’ll take a little bit of the blame for that. We practiced hard this morning, we went live this morning, we’ve been going hard yesterday and the day before.” (Toronto Star)
  • Interesting anecdote from Joakim Noah about how he wooed Carlos Boozer and Chris Bosh and why he preferred Boozer. Of course, if Bosh had signed with Chicago, we’d be hearing a different story, right? (Globe and Mail)
  • I’ve believed for a while that the only thing that could stop the Miami Heat from dominating is injuries — well, Mike Miller just seriously injured his right thumb. Karma’s a B, yo. (
  • It’s only preseason, but I just looked at the NBA standings and noticed that the Orlando Magic are 7-0 and their average margin of victory is 25 points. They’ve held their opponents to a .350 field goal percentage. Don’t sleep!

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  1. Yes calderon is playing very bad. Just imagine the line up if that Charlotte trade had gone through. that was a real kick in the stomach. Instead of Evans we would have Chandler. :(

  2. david
    omer asik is not a basketball player is an actor
    ufff when i see the video i get angry.

    you know ilyasova is türk, and i dont hate him.

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