• I tweeted this link yesterday, but skip to the 3:30 mark of this video when a reporter asks Jay Triano if Andrea Bargnani’s help defense has improved since last season. Jay says “No” and looks away with a look of disgust. Ruh-roh! (raptors.com)
  • Probably as a direct result of Jose Calderon’s pathetic performance on Wednesday against the Bulls (0-for-6, zero points in 25 minutes), Jarrett Jack will start at point guard for tonight’s final preseason game against the Knicks. (Toronto Star)
  • Here’s Doug Smith (predictably) coming to Calderon’s defense: “Now, I know there are all kinds of you who won’t agree, but when his game’s going, he’s an excellent point guard, a shooting threat from anywhere on the floor, he is still the best guy they have for running an offence effectively and, with the right rotations and help, he’s a good enough defender. Great? No. Good enough? Yes.” (Toronto Star)
  • Ed Davis is reportedly 10 days from being able to practice and isn’t expected to be able to appear in game action until another two weeks after that. (Toronto Sun)
  • There are some interesting new instant replay rules being instituted this season: refs can now use replay to decide on granting free throws or if a player should be called for a clear-path foul. (Toronto Sun)
  • David Stern wants to reduce player salaries by roughly one-third, which works out to around $750-800 million. Well… enjoy this season, folks! There might not be one in 2011-12. (theScore.com)

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  1. IMO, the biggest indictment against BC is that for all the reasonable suspicion that he may have fathered Andrea during a backpacking trip to Italy in his youth, he has never bothered to surround him with guys that would mask his deficiencies. I seriously can’t think of one time I ever heard anyone associated with the NBA, not including Raptors brass or delusional Raptors fans, think he’s a legitimate center. It took until this offseason for him to try and grab Chandler (and now Dampier) to pair with him, but if Bosh was willing to re-sign, you know that BC would have continued with the Bosh-Bargs experiment that was doomed to fail. How does that make any damn sense?

    And even as Triano says he hasn’t improved his help defence, he still said not long ago that he considers Bargs as a 5 defensively, and he has continued to put him in lineups with shitty defenders who are going to make him have to help on defence more than normal.

    I’ll never be a fan of a finesse big who’s afraid of contact and who competes part-time, but in Andrea’s defence he’s never been allowed to play the one position that would suit him best, and he’s never been paired with guys that would complement his game more than exposing it.

  2. I nearly choked on my burrito with your “fathered Andrea during a backpacking trip to Italy in his youth” line. Funny stuff.

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