• Leandro Barbosa should be in the lineup tonight against the Knicks, but he’ll need surgery on his right wrist at some point. (Globe and Mail)
  • Some refreshing honesty from Bryan Colangelo: “This year, we’re arguably a team that’s going to have to overperform to make the playoffs.” (National Post)
  • It doesn’t usually bode well for the season when your coach (Jay Triano in this case) describes your team like this: “We like to think we’re going to be a very scrappy team and a team that can put some points up.” (Toronto Star)
  • MLSE is going to try dynamic pricing with 1,300 tickets for every Raptors home game this season — you’ll be able to buy tickets online at a price that will vary depending on the supply and demand for that particular game. In theory, this means you can probably snap up tickets for a Grizzlies-Raptors game dirt cheap if you wait until a few days before the game. (Toronto Star)
  • Reggie Evans has a tough assignment guarding Amar’e Stoudemire tonight, but he doesn’t sound intimidated: “You can’t run from nobody. This is the NBA. You can’t run from me. I mean, my heart don’t bleed Kool-Aid. I really don’t care. You have to play Amare. You have to play Chris, You have to play (them all).” (Toronto Sun)
  • Steve Buffery nails it with this column pointing out that the Raptors will not be one of the teams considered for contraction if the NBA tries to go that route. (Toronto Sun)
  • Let’s close with this breezy interview with DeMar DeRozan. He loves Toronto! And Kanye West! And steak! Hey, so do I. DeMar’s my kind of people. (Eye Weekly)

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