-With the team flying out to Sacramento this afternoon, practice was short and sweet today. We were told to get there for 1 p.m. but when I arrived shortly before that, Jay Triano and Linas Kleiza had already spoken with the media in the hallway and the rest of the guys were making their way downstairs to get ready to go west for a week.

- When we did get onto the practice court today, the gym was mostly empty, with a few guys getting some extra work in. Joey Dorsey and Solomon Alabi were working with Alex English on free throws and Ed Davis, yet to get in on-contact scrimmages, was working on his off-hand.

- When Andrea Bargnani was asked about the best example of a team working as together as a team in the NBA, he pointed to the Utah Jazz. Thought that was interesting because they are such a “system” team. Of course, they also can’t really get away with not playing as a team with Jerry Sloan on the sidelines.

We spoke with DeMar about chemistry, the road trip and going back home for a game:

- What’s the team like this season?: “We’re always together, this year everybody tends to do everything together. I think we’re all, we’re all one now.”

- What did you learn about these West Coast road trips last season: “Tough…Tough.”

- Is it tougher having this trip so soon into the season: “Yeah, but I think it’s going to be a challenge for us. it’s going to be good to really test us, see where we’re at and we’ll be able to learn from it.”

- Last season everyone said it didn’t matter if the team spent time together outside of practice. This year, people are saying that the on-court chemistry has improved because everyone is getting along. Does it make a difference?: Yeah, it makes it a lot easier. Last night was Jarrett’s birthday. We had a little birthday party and everybody came. We were all together and we all had fun. We all enjoyed it. We had our first win of the season and we enjoyed one of our teammates birthday parties together. I think it’s fun. It’s more fun than anything.”

- Who had the best dance moves last night?: “Ed Davis. Yeah (laughs). Ask Ed Davis.”

- What’s the deal with tickets when you go home this year?: “I don’t know. My dad is taking care of that. I don’t want anybody asking me nothing about tickets. I’ll let my dad take care of it.”

- Where do you have DeMarcus Cousins on your rookie list?: He’s high up there. I have to say top two or three. I have to put Blake number one. I got Blake number one right now. Just…man. He’s a monster right now. I remember playing Blake in college, once he gets a rhythm going, he’s going to be unstoppable.”

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  1. The key point:
    “…can’t really get away with not playing as a team with Jerry Sloan on the sidelines.”

    Triano is now in a perfect position to create this kind of player accountability. If he starts now (he hasn’t started yet), and somehow manages to last as long as Sloan, 15 years from now, he could have the same kind of reputation.

    On this team, it doesn’t really matter who subs in for who. If someone isn’t buying into the team concept, staple their a$$ to the bench. Force them to listen or to sit. Toronto now has no stars. Yes, that includes Bargs. You either listen, do what you are told, work your a$$ off, or you can wither on the pine.

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