• Jose Calderon has been struggling with his shot so far this season, but Jay Triano thinks he’s making up for that with an improved effort on defence. (Toronto Star)
  • DeMar DeRozan’s first game of the season in his home state of Cali will most likely turn out better than last season’s debut in the Staples Center — he shot 1-for-4 with two points against the Clippers in that game. (Toronto Sun)
  • Bryan Colangelo maintains that he couldn’t have known how the Turkoglu acquisition was going to turn out: “If I was given all the same circumstances, and again no foresight as to what the outcome was, I still think I’d make the same deal.” (Toronto Star)
  • A panel of advertising experts suggest the best ways to market a Raptors squad that probably won’t have any All-Stars or make the playoffs. Two of the three experts think the Raptors shot an airball with the “Young Onez” website. (Toronto Star)
  • Here’s a creative way to profile the Atlantic Division teams — by comparing them to classic hip hop albums. The Raptors are matched up with Gangstarr’s “Moment of Truth”. (Raptors HQ)

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