• If we can read into this Jay Triano quote a little, it appears that he wanted the Raptors to attempt a game-tying three-pointer in that possession where Linas Kleiza drove the lane (and missed the bucket) instead: “I thought we had Andre on a lift once for a three and he put it on the floor; I thought Linas had a chance for a three; I thought Jose could have pulled the trigger a couple of times.” (Toronto Star)
  • It only took three games for people to start noticing that the Raptors don’t really have a “go-to guy” in late-game situations. (Toronto Sun)
  • Jay Triano wants the Raptors to show more commitment and effort in their transition defence. (Toronto Star)
  • The Raptors play the Jazz tonight, and Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has respect for Andrea Bargnani’s offensive game: “He really spreads the floor for them, and how do you guard him? With a small guy? With a big guy? You put a big guy on him, he’s out there. And if you go small, he can post you up inside.” (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Reggie Evans thinks that Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins should learn to respect his elders. (Toronto Sun)
  • I’ll admit that I don’t really understand the “Wins Produced” stat, but this spreadsheet indicates that Reggie Evans is the Raptors’ MVP so far and he’s ninth in the league in total wins. (NBeh?)

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