• It’s pretty clear that Reggie Evans is the de facto leader of this team based on quotes like this: “We’re not doing what the coach wants us to do. We weren’t playing weak side, we weren’t helping each other out. I was just letting the guys know. I was putting the thought back in their heads, how we got to do this, this and this.” (Toronto Sun)
  • Eric Koreen points out that the Raptors’ point guard tandem of Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon is shooting just 34.4 percent from the field so far — considering how poor they are defensively, that has to improve if this team is going to compete. (National Post)
  • The Raptors are one of about seven teams that might have some interest in free agent center Earl Barron. I say they should take a pass here — he’s terrible. (RaptorsHQ)
  • A blog called “Samsquanch” breaks down the Raptors’ performance after four games. (Samsquanch)
  • Basketball-Reference.com posts NBA team schedule-adjusted offensive and defensive ratings up to this point — the Raptors are 18th in offence and 22nd in defence. The Heat are first in offence and second in defence. (Basketball-Reference.com)
  • Some bitter Cleveland fans have answers to LeBron’s questions from his Nike ad — this is equal parts awesome and cringeworthy. (The Basketball Jones)

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