Yup, that’s rookie Ed Davis’ tweet upon stumbling over a video of head coach Jay Triano on World Star Hip Hop.

It should be your first stop– Nah, I can’t even pretend I go to this site. All I know about it is that they host videos you’d never want to see along with other music/television/sports star clips that NBA players tweet about it a lot. I also know that it must have been pretty funny to check the site and see your coach on the front page after his, “What the f*ck you gonna do?” comment during his postgame scrum against the Jazz.

Gotta say, I felt for Jay Triano in that moment. We’ve all said something we weren’t supposed to at an inappropriate time. For me, a camera wasn’t rolling, but it happened last year, with the Raptors, actually. I had a deadline I needed to meet and an interview scheduled with Jarrett Jack. When the Raptors PR director thought it would be funny to play a trick on me and tell me Jack was sick and couldn’t talk, I definitely dropped an f-bomb. And then covered my mouth with my hand in shock/fear/horror at what I’d just said aloud. Luckily, everyone present thought it was funny. A year later, he still hasn’t let me live it down. Thanks to World Star Hip-Hop, “coach Jay” might have a hard time running from his new catchphrase, too.

Funny thing is, the catchphrase kind of works for this team.

1-4 record that could have easily been 3-2? “What the f*ck you gonna do?”