• The LA Times profiles DeMar DeRozan, but they’re seeing something I’m not when they say “He has shot the basketball well” — DeRozan’s field goal percentage (.414) is down 8.4 percentage points from last season (.498). (LA Times)
  • Andrea Bargnani continues to look awful when evaluated with advanced metrics — his minus-0.048 wins produced per 48 minutes ranks him dead-last (behind Michael Olowokandi) among the last 12 first overall picks. (NBeh?)
  • It appears that Jay Triano isn’t thrilled with how shot-happy Sonny Weems has been so far: “Sometimes (Weems) gets confused with trying to score as many points as he can.” (Toronto Star)
  • Erick Dampier is still a free agent after his verbal agreement with Houston fell apart, and rumor has it he’s targeted Toronto as his ideal situation. Don’t do it, Bryan! (Hoopsworld)
  • When the Raptors traded Marco Belinelli for Julian Wright in the off-season, who thought he’d be the starting two-guard for a 6-0 team? Maybe he worked on his shooting from long-range — and I mean really long-range, like this 70-footer he buried against the Bucks on Saturday. (The Basketball Jones)

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  1. DeMar’s FG% is down 8 percentage points, not 84. Percent means out of one hundred, but you’re breaking the FG shooting down an additional decimal place, to the thousandths.

  2. Whoops, that was supposed to be “8.4 percentage points.” Thanks for catching that.

  3. No problem. Feel free to delete the comment now that you’ve fixed it – I have no need to have proof of having been right on the internet…

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