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Foolish people disguising themselves as basketball experts will tell you that the Raptors lost tonight simply because the Warriors are a better basketball team, or blame the fact that the first home game after a West coast trip is always tough.

While the facts themselves are probably both true, neither is a valid reason for tonight’s debacle.

Simply not being good enough was the case in Utah, L.A. and Portland, not tonight.

The “tired after a West coast trip” excuse might hold water, but not when your opponent is a West coast team coming off of a game last night.

The truth is the Raptors lost to the Warriors because for too long a period of time tonight, they played like they didn’t give a crap.

Now, there were instances during those stretches that luck wasn’t on the Raptors side. The officiating was awful, the coaching was worse and some of the bounces that go against Toronto are really hard to believe unless you see them.

But when you have as little talent and experience as this Raptors team does, you can’t afford to take a possession off, a few minutes off, let alone play half the game as if Nike started making lead shoes.

A quick note about the Warriors: If Steph Curry and Monta Ellis continue to play the way they did tonight, the Warriors, as a team, continue to rebound the ball, and they pay even a little attention on the defensive end, they will be a surprisingly good team this season.

Speaking of Monta Ellis, there was a scary incident at the end of the ball game where Ellis ended up out cold on the floor (not sure how yet), his body in a sickening position. He walked off the court very slowly. Hopefully Monta will be alright.

A note about Jay Triano. I really didn’t want to get on him this season because he doesn’t have enough talent on the roster to do much with, but tonight was an ugly performance by the Canadian skipper. He continues to find ways to cool his own hot players off by sticking to stubborn rotations while rarely cooling off the opposing players. I think he has the 2k Sports automatic coach option selected, where the computer makes the same substitutions at the same time of every game, no matter how the game is unfolding. In addition, his play calling out of timeouts remains laughable.

Lastly, I leave you with this. I believed this team would surprise some critics and win over 30 games. But even I looked at the schedule and thought coming out of November 6-11 would be an accomplishment. Now, I think this team will be doomed by something like a 4-13 or 3-14 start.

Raptors Player of the Game: Jarret Jack – 38 Min, 24 Pts, 7-13 FG, 1-3 3Pt, 9-10 FT, 1 Reb, 8 Ast, 3 Stl (the only starter with a positive plus/minus)

Warriors Player of the Game: Stephen Curry – 36 Min, 34 Pts, 12-21 FG, 2-4 3Pt, 8-8 FT, 5 Reb, 4 Ast, 3 Stl

Goat of the Game: Jose Calderon – 10 Min, 0 Pts, 0-4 FG, 1 Ast, 2 TO

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  1. Bargs doesn’t care at all out there. He is only concerned with taking a few shots and putting up 20 points. He had 0 defensive rebounds tonight. That is embarrassing for a seven foot guy. Triano needs to plant him on the bench, but he won’t cause Triano is worse at his job the Bargs.

  2. I gotta’ a present for ya!

  3. Hopefully the raps will get a top 3 pick in Junes lottery…

  4. Even if they do win 30+ games this year, what would be the point? That would just jeopardize their chances at a top pick in the lottery…Most* of the stars in this league were drafted by awful teams, which means the raps have gotta win the lottery baby…

  5. I didn’t see the game, but the minutes of your Player of the Game vs. your Goat of the Game would seem to be an obvious argument against your criticism of Traino’s substitution patterns, wouldn’t it? Maybe I missed something, but usually Calderon plays a lot more than 10 mins and Jack a lot less than 38.

  6. I was willing to give Triano a chance this season. I really didnt like him last season and it just put it to rest for me last night. He is probably a really good assistant coach, very smart and very respected throughout the league but he is not a head coach. He doesnt seem to be very good at thinking on the fly. I really think that BC is gonna use his trade excemption before the deadline to acquire a player that a team cant afford. I look at Philly and Memphis as two teams that might trade a high priced player for financial reasons. Anyway the game was worth watching to see that Sonny dunk. That was pretty nice

    PS .. Mr. Triano please teach your team to play against a zone it was utterly embarrasing watching that last night

  7. we finally have a team with no actual, legitimate NBA starters. it’s amazing. colangelo came in with cap space, a number 1 pick and in four years rendered our franchise into a D-League embarrassment. The fact that the toronto sports media (specifically the Raptors/Rogers play-by-play and commentary ‘talent) haven’t aknowledged just how inept jay triano is as a head coach and how amateur colangelo really is only serves to underscore the sad state of basketball affairs in this city.

    for two years now i’ve been pleading with anyone who will listen to begin an actual, clear headed evaluation of this franchise, but to no avail. It seems finally that this is the year when an accounting will take place.

    but i fear it’s too little too late. i have one word for you all: CONTRACTION.

  8. Considering Stern has been throwing the C word around lately, I think it’s a real possibility the league will try with the Raptors. The franchise really hasn’t done much, most players don’t want to play there, and it’s in another country. And (maybe not that) strangely, I won’t really miss the team if they’re gone.

  9. Contraction happens to teams that lose money, not games. MLSE has deep, full pockets – if anything, you could argue that we’d win more if they were willing to spend more; they certainly aren’t a team on the brink, in terms of attendance, revenue, etc.

  10. Thank god there’s someone out there willing to call out unnamed ‘so-called’ experts. It takes real courage to set up a straw man and knock him down 82 times a year. [slow clap]

  11. yeah, contraction may not happen simply because of the financial positives; but it’s conceivable that over the next five years we never emerge out of these performance doldrums and fan support drops. already games are being split among a bunch of channels that not everyone gets; further eroding fan loyalty and the oh-so-critical ‘presence’ of the sport on mainsteam channels.

    it really was a travesty that colangelo chose to go with triano. i can only rationalize it by assuming MLSE didn’t want to be on the hook for three coaches salaries at the time so they picked the ‘cheap’ option. the obvious next move is going to be to fire triano and move PJ into the head coaching seat but really, without any true starting talent, what’s carlisemo going to do?

    the last thing we want is for the team to hit 30-35 wins and tread water in the horrible,dreaded mid-range draft pick scenario for the next five years.

    also, it’s not insignificant to look at the churn this team has gone through under colangelo. everyone who has ever experienced layoffs or firings or rotating staff at their company knows that these sorts of merry-go-round people changes drastically affect performance and moral. plus, it erodes the ‘institutional culture’ of a team/unit. Culture on this level is crucial to fostering team spirit. watching the raps get killed defensively night in and night out and reading headlines that call their performance “listless” is symptomatic of a lack of team spirit and winning culture. this comes from the coach’s ineptness and more pronounced, from flailing leadership at management and executive levels.

    all in all, for the last three years, this team has been a shambles. obviously the thing to do before last year was to move bargnani. but we’re married to his stagnant skills as long a colangelo is here.

    and please, don’t go leveling “barg hater” comments at me. Anyone who tries to build a case for him as a starter, or even as a competent NBA player just has no idea what they’re talking about. Scoring the basket 10 times every other game just doesn’t cut it. You simple can’t have a guy like this on the floor and expect to win. anyway, i could go on forever here.

  12. Richard Pettie should be working in the snack bar!

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