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I’m tight for time today so I’m going to skip the extended recap and get right to the videos. What I will say is that based on what I saw last night, you could make the case that the three most talented players in that game (Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas) were all on the Bobcats. Barring a drastic turnaround, it seems clear that the Raptors are the worst team in the Eastern Conference — and possibly the league.

It was a rough game for DeMar DeRozan, who only played 21 minutes because he got in early foul trouble. Here’s DeRozan picking up his fourth foul in the third quarter because he didn’t even see D.J. Augustin coming. You’re not going to succeed in the NBA with this lack of awareness on defence.

In sharp contrast to DeRozan — who appeared frustrated and “out of it” for much of the game — Andrea Bargnani was refreshingly locked in on both ends of the floor last night. Check out how Boris Diaw pushes off on Bargnani in the post here before Andrea recovers to block his shot from behind. We need to see this kind of toughness from him more often.

For the third time this season, the Raptors had a chance to tie the game in the final minute of the fourth quarter and failed miserably. There wasn’t any kind of elaborate breakdown this time, Bargnani simply got stripped by Stephen Jackson — undoubtedly causing tens of thousands of facepalms across Raptors Nation.

It’s going to be morbidly amusing to see how many losses will pile up this season before something drastic happens. I wish no ill will on Jay Triano, but it seems logical that his head will be the first to roll — although he’s not the guy who put this putrid roster together. If I’m P.J. Carlesimo, I don’t think I would even want this job. This particular group of players is going to get outclassed game after game no matter who is coaching them. Dark days are upon us.

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  1. I beg to differ Scott. These are not dark days, and as each loss piles on I have visions of more lottery balls with our name on it as well dancing around. We were fully aware what to expect from this team when our win total was projected to be in the mid to high 20′s. Playoffs were always a pipedream, so why not play our kids, let them get some burn, hopefully learn some basketball fundamentals, since we are so lacking in that department, and most importantly, lose.

    I will gladly put up with this all year long to get a top 3 pick, as realistically, that is the best we can hope for even if we finish dead last overall, since the team with the most lottery balls often does not acquire the #1 pick.

    What I have found with this team is that I am watching less of them but more of the rest of the NBA, and really, is that such a terrible thing when you can watch premium talent play off against each other where the games actually mean something in the standings.

    I say let Jay finish the year out, and have a replacement coach ready before the draft so their input can be included. The problem is I have little faith in BC and our scouting department that they won’t screw up the draft again unless there is a consensus pick that even I could pick at their #. Time will tell.

  2. On the first clip it looks more like Jack’s fault than DeRozan’s. JJ had Augustin. He totally turned his whole body away and was floating in no-man’s land. Jack didn’t do the old see your man, see the ball. Augustin cut aggressively to the basket and DeRozan couldn’t close the lane in time. If we’re going to crack on DeRozan for that play, Jack deserves a lot of the blame too.

  3. I hate the “tank the season” posts going around.

    These are not the Leafs. They dont sell out the building with crappy play year after year. There needs to be progress NOW.

    The players seem lost. I said to RaptorWomen last night that they looked like a bunch of High School kids screwing around during a spare. No game plan. Just everybody gets the ball once in a while and tries to do something.

    There doesnt seem to be any team concept. No one is making anyone better.

    Is it a trade? A firing? a change at the top?? I dunno.

    I do know that this team is playing worse this year without Bosh than they were last year when Bosh was either injured or on the bench.

  4. you may hate the ‘tank the season’ posts; Raptorman but only because you, like me, demand production from your teams. this team has let us down.

    but the truth is, we have to tank because if we wind up in the dreaded 30 – 35 win cycle we’ll be doomed to season after season of midrange picks and our own decent players bolting town at their first opportunity.

    don’t be angry at those calling for tanking; be angry with management for assembling this hideous ensemble. be angry at BC for his undeniably terrible draft choices, his indefensible hiring of an unproven and ineffective head coach, and the Rogers/Raptors media teams for presenting a polyanna view on the team for the last three years.

    nothing has been built here. nothing.

  5. “I do know that this team is playing worse this year without Bosh than they were last year when Bosh was either injured or on the bench.”

    Excellent point, Raptorman. I was going to make the same myself.

    The problem is that for whatever reason both point guards have deteriorated from last year, Kleiza is worse than Hedo, Reggie is starting over Amir, and DeRozan hasn’t really improved at all. Wonderful.

  6. Hey atleast its fun to watch Mr Bosh struggle in Miami. The spot light is on him now and he is folding like he usually does under the big lights;

    As much as I like Evans rebounding he makes it so much harder for this team to score because they are literally playing 4 on 5. The other team just isnt covering him which also makes it easier for him to grab rebounds.

  7. Bargnani is rarely locked in on defense unless it’s in a one on one situation. His understanding of team/help defensive concepts is non existent.

  8. I posted this at RaptorsRepublic and I’m too lazy to rewrite it so here goes:

    At the beginning of the season I felt confident that the Raps could at least beat out the Wizards in the Eastern Conference.

    I stand by that prediction.

    Washington is 2-4 having played the 3rd easiest schedule in the league and have given up 60 more points than then have scored. Such a mark is consistent with a 1-5 record, according to ESPN.

    Toronto is 1-7 (damn) having played the 14th hardest schedule and having given up 35 more points than they have allowed. That point differential is consisten with a 3-5 record, according to ESPN.

    A fun fact, New Orleans is 7-0 having played the 7th hardest schedule in the league. F Lebron, Chris Paul FTW.

  9. lets break this down with lists.

    players who i thought were better:
    kleiza !!

    players who i thought were worse:
    derozan (has played well some games)
    reggie evans

    players who should get more playing time:
    amir johnson (let him foul out)
    julian wright

    number of undisputed ‘starter’ quality guards (1 or 2) on this team:

    and finally, # of players playing their best basketball consistently:
    1 (reggie)

    i had more faith in this roster than a 1-7 record to start the season. and while most people are putting bargs on the cross for his rebounding, etc, to me this looks like a head coach who hasn’t got a clue. the guy has been an assistant/head coach for us for a while now (6, 7,8 years?!?!) and he has yet to reign in anybody! arguably, most of his players decline in production when they start playing under him. the only reason he has one guy playing his best basketball (reggie evans) is because evans is so damn one dimensional that he could be coached by a rock. a 7 footer not rebounding? coaching issue. 3 on 1 fast breaks leading to turn overs? coaching issue.

    sorry to go on a rant but, i still think our roster on paper is a borderline playoff team in the eastern conference. yes, a superstar guard would be nice… but i haven’t written us off thus far, i just think we need some better direction.

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