• It seems that an Achilles injury suffered in the pre-season (is the Achilles the only body part that gets capitalized?) could partially explain why Linas Kleiza has been the worst player on the Raptors so far this season. (Toronto Sun)
  • Tim Chisholm accurately points out that it’s not Jay Triano’s fault that he can’t coax more wins out of such an untalented team. (TSN.com)
  • Ryan McNeill wonders if Triano has too much faith in DeMar DeRozan’s potential considering his recent play. (Hoops Addict)
  • The Raptors face Vince Carter and Chris Bosh in back-to-back games tonight and tomorrow, so here’s a primer as to why this matters in case you just became a Raptors fan yesterday. (Note: Nobody on this planet became a Raptors fan yesterday.) (Toronto Star)
  • Speaking of Bosh, I had previously assumed he was a pretty smart guy but it seems he was unaware he could get NBA League Pass in Canada. (Toronto Star)
  • Shaq loves Toronto, hates Bosh: “Bosh obviously couldn’t handle the pressure, so he had to go join two other people to help him out. Listen to what I tell you Toronto is in the top three NBA cities for every NBA player. Trust me on that, brother.” (Business Insider)

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  1. I have no idea where you get the bogus claim that Linas Kleiza has been the worst player on the Raptors this season! I’m sure you’ll whip out some stats that will attempt to prove your theory, but generally speaking the Raps worst player (in comparison to preseason play and overall career performance) has been Barbosa. But honestly, picking the worst player on a 1-7 team is just meaningless, they’re all crap no matter what their stats say. We don’t have one guy that’s comfortable in close game/late game situations. They’re all studs until the game is on the line.

  2. And thanks Shaq! Good to know we’re a top 3 party city in the NBA. Explains why we attract all the top flight free agents

  3. but I guess that has more to do with the organization…F*CK COMMERCE

  4. Bojangles,

    I think Scott was using hyperbole to describe Kleiza’s play. And, let me tell you, it was effective hyperbole because only that type of exaggeration can accurately draw attention to the fact that he has been god awful.



  5. Bojangles: Can we agree that Kleiza has been the worst starter, by far? And while stats do back up my point, so do any Raptors fan’s eyeballs, if they have the power of vision.

  6. Why are stats a bad thing? Reasonable people understand that human limitations restrict the amount of information we can process. That is why we need stats.

    What is so hard to grasp about that?

  7. I am for the idea that he’s the worst starter. Offensively he definetely hasn’t delivered up to his potential, but he’s also been thrust into a position that I don’t think he belongs in. He is not a starter on any other team in the league, other than maybe the Cavaliers. And I’m sorry if my eyeballs aren’t working as they should, watching this team thus far has been one helluva an eyesore. As for that stats comment, I’m simply stating the fact that a ball players effectiveness can’t simply be judged by what’s on a piece of paper. It’s the timing of the plays and the ability to make shots when your team needs them to keep them in the game. But nonetheless I could give two shits about this team at this point and now the bright spots I’m looking forward to are the intro of Ed Davis and the day David Andersen gets a haircut.

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