Dorsey putting in work

Dwight-lite? Not so, says Dorsey

By now you’ve either made the comparison yourself or have stumbled over it during a Google search for Joey Dorsey. Since earning the title of “Dwight Howard of the D-League”, Dorsey has been unable to shake himself free of the Howard talk.

Tonight, as the injury-depleted Raptors take on Howard’s Magic, Dorsey is expected to get some playing time. No need to worry about the forward being in game shape, though. He’s been ready while watching from the sidelines. On Tuesday evening, he tweeted that he was headed to the gym to get some work in at 9:23 p.m.

“After I watched the Jazz and Miami game I came back here to workout, just to get some more conditioning,” Dorsey said. “You know, I’m not playing much right now so I’m just trying to be in shape for when I get my chance so I can play as hard as I can. I come by myself, get on the treadmill for about 30 minutes then come here and shoot free throws and work on my post moves.”

Last season DeMar DeRozan and Sonny Weems became known as both “besties” and gym rats. This season, they’ve found themselves another person to add to the mix.

“Almost every night,” Dorsey says of how often he heads back to the ACC when the team is in Toronto. “I’ll ask Sonny or DeMar to come in here and get some shots up. I try to get in here every night to get some extra work in. I love working out. Especially where I’m not getting an opportunity right now. Once the chance comes and presents itself, I want to take it on.”

With Reggie Evans hampered by a bruised hip, David Andersen battling the flu and Linas Kleiza out with a sore Achilles’, the opportunity for Dorsey should present itself on the Magic’s new Amway Arena floor. As for those Howard comparisons, the Raptor has heard them more than enough.

“Oh my God,” Dorsey said, shaking his head. “Every day, every time I go out. Dwight. Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard. Me and Dwight don’t look nothing alike. The physique, that’s it. The body, that’s it. That’s it. If I was a little more taller I could see it, but I’m not. Sonny and DeMar always call me that every day.”

Not just DeRozan and Weems, though. Amir Johnson enthusiastically agreed that Dorsey’s got some look-a-likes.

“He looks like numerous guys,” Johnson nodded. “Adrian Peterson, Dwight Howard. We just look at him and start naming people that he really looks like. We clown him.”

How does Dorsey describe himself, since he doesn’t want to be known as the mini-Dwight?

“270 and 6-foot-8. A line-backer.”

Okay, so the physique is similar. Fair enough. Funny though, that the guy who doesn’t want to be compared to Howard then spits out Howard’s max bench press from memory.

“Last year he bench pressed 330 and I was at 315,” Dorsey said, smiling.

And this year?

“I haven’t maxed out yet, but I don’t know. I should be there.”

Sounds like he’s confident in all of those extra hours he’s put in at the gym.