- Practice was short and sweet today, with the guys exiting pretty quickly to head to the airport and depart for Boston. The team will have a Thanksgiving dinner this evening and there was a nice sense of appreciation all around the practice court today. It may not be a holiday here in Canada, but while our American friends celebrate what they are thankful for, I’d like to say that I’m thankful for this game.

- No need for anything more from me today, except to say this: Jerryd Bayless was 3-for-3 from deep last night and he was draining them all over the place today in practice. Also, I’ve been told this before from friends who have covered him around the league, but seeing it firsthand, I can confirm: the guy is intense. Even during shooting drills, he is dialed in until he steps off of the floor.

Jerryd Bayless

- On the debut last night: “It went well, we won, that was the main thing we were trying to do. I’m just happy we got the win under our belt and we hope to continue it with Boston.”

- How easy it was offensively with the team in the first game: “I think these guys are just very unselfish and it makes it a lot easier for me. When you’ve got guys moving the ball and making shots for a point guard it makes the game easy. We’ve just got to continue to do that.”

- On learning the offensive sets/terminology: “It’s not anything really too tricky or anything, it’s just developing the terminology and learning it so during games and tight situations it becomes natural. It’s going to take me a little while to get it all the way down, but I’m going to keep on working and hopefully it’ll get there sooner.”

- Playing with Leandro and the speed the two of them bring to the floor: “With Leandro I just try to get him the ball when he’s on the move. He’s so fast and so quick with the ball you can get him the ball when he’s moving, it puts so much pressure on the defence, it’s really tough to stop him. We’ve just got to continue to do that and keep developing our chemistry.”

- Getting to know the team: “All of these guys are good guys. When you have a team full of good guys, it definitely makes it easy.”

- Is it easier on the road to develop relationships with teammate?: “I think so. That’s the time where you really get to know these guys.”

- Before the game: “Jay told me at the start, ‘Jerryd just go play. Make plays and shoot the ball when you’re open,’ and that’s what I tried to do. I just love playing for him and I love playing for this team.”

- On when he was last told to just go out and play/shoot: “College.”

- What Jay said to him at the end of the first quarter after he hit the three at the buzzer: “He said good shot and I had a question, ’cause the biggest thing for me, the offence isn’t the problem for me right now, I think the biggest thing with me is just learning defensively because it’s actually a lot different here than my last two spots. Just getting the defensive calls down, that’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what I went over to ask him about.”

- On his defensive abilities: “I think people know that. That’s one thing, in Portland, it was the only thing I could do to play. Defensively, a lot of people know I can really pressure the ball. That’s one of my things that I’ve always been very good at.”

Leandro Barbosa

- On how he is feeling: “I’m hanging there. I’m hanging there. Not healthy yet, but trying to be. The trainers been doing a lot of work with me. They’re keeping me on the court and I’m very happy to have their patience.”

- On the injuries: “I think I’m just getting old, you know and that is affecting me. It happens. A certain time in your life you go through those things. You’ve just got to be patient and just playing basketball, living life day by day. I still wanted to play and hang out with the guys and be on the court as anything happened.”

- Playing with Bayless: “Our game is kind of similar so I mean I played many years against him so I know what he likes to do. He didn’t do what he usually does, especially last night. He’s just coming in, but you guys are going to see that he really can run, he really can go to the basket, he’s really athletic. He really can control the team. I think that is what we need right now.”

- Makes it easier to play with Bayless who can also handle the ball: “Oh yeah. I love to handle the ball so I’m sure he does, too. We help each other in those situations and coach is talking to us and we try to do what we want to do.”

- The team bouncing back after the tough start to the season: “We’re not where we wanted to be, but we’re close. We won a couple of important games and I’m sure like, the home games are always important to us. We definitely need to win home games, you see on the schedule, if we win all of the home games, we can go to the playoffs. It’s how it goes. I think we’re doing a better job than what we were doing. We have Boston tomorrow, it’s going to be a really tough game. They are going to come up and play really hard against us for what we did against them so we just have to be ready.”

- On Reggie Evans: “Oh, he is a beast. He is a beast. There are no words to say. He’s just a lion on the rebounds. He’s doing better on the offence, too. We’re having the confidence to give him the ball to score. He’s comfortable in that situation and we’re happy to have him on the team.”

Reggie Evans

- On the big game last night: “I’m just doing what they brought me in here for. It was an unfortunate situation last year, what happened to me.”

- If he was aware of the number of rebounds he was pulling down last night: “I don’t have a choice but to be aware when you’ve got teammates telling me, they have me up on the screen and you see it. You really don’t have a choice. You’ve always got someone constantly in your ear, ‘Reggie you got that, Reggie you got that,’ you know what I’m saying.”

- The quick start the team got off to last night: “We had to focus in because Elton wasn’t playing. They started out Thad, so we knew the transition was going to increase from a running standpoint so we had to focus in even more. We had to get back and stuff like that because certain players on their team cherry pick, run before they even get a rebound to try to get easy layups. Jay just kind of gave us a wake up call.”

- The speed of Bayless and Barbosa: “They fast. Barbosa quick as I don’t know what and Bayless he real quick. That whole group is fast. Amir’s fast.”

- Approach for Boston: “Just do what Toronto normally do…do whatever Coach wants us to do. That’s the main thing. It’s revenge for us, too, if your really want to look at it. We’ve been losing in Boston, so it can go both ways.”

- Favorite Thanksgiving foods: “Ham, dressing, man. Some candied yams, cranberry, some nice good tea from my grandma. Those are some of my favorites. If I could get some dressing, some ham and some cranberry…red velvet cake, carrot cake and sweet potato pie. Those are my favorite, but you know, that’s on Thursday, so I can’t eat all of that. I still gotta watch my diet. I’m still on that strict diet. I probably will eat some ham or some turkey because that’s pretty good for me. Other stuff, oh yeah, I can eat some collard greens.”

- On not swaying from his diet for Thanksgiving: “No, I won’t sway at all. Period. I can’t do it. I’ve gotta treat my body right.”

Jay Triano

- On Boston: “This is a team that is in our conference, in our division. It’s a team that we played well last week. They’re going to be looking to come back, and we’ve got to take our game to another level as well. We knew in the second half they were going to take their game up a notch, and we matched it. It’s going to be exactly the same thing here. We’ve got to be ready to match the intensity their going to bring, especially in their own building.”

- On the play of Leandro in the last couple of games: “I think he’s been super aggressive going to the basket. The shoulder getting healthy is a big thing. It’s given him the confidence to be able to go inside and make something happen and break down defences. That’s something he’s really good at, beating guys off of the bounce. It’s helped us a lot lately.”

- Is the plan to run with Bayless and Barbosa on the floor?: “Yes, or use that quickness in the halfcourt, too. Find ways to spread the floor and use that quickness in the halfcourt. Running is completely dependent upon us getting rebounds, stops or steals. We have to do that.”

- Did you notice Jerryd’s eyes light up when you encouraged him to take whatever open shot he had?: “I saw mine (eyes lighting up) when three of them went in. If you’re not a threat to shoot, teams are going to stop guarding you. Sometimes you have to take shots to extend defences. Sometimes you have to earn that respect. A guy moves up on you, and now it’s setting things up for him to do what he does best which is drive to the basket. So the fact that he made shots, Boston’s watching that, and they may lean on that more. Now it’s opening it up for him to drive. I want our guys to be aggressive and come off screens and look to score and not to make plays. It’s too hard to come off a screen looking to make a play to [then] getting into the rhythm of taking a shot. The way we want to teach it is come off the screen looking to score, and when they take that away, now make the pass. Have the pass be the second option. I think anybody who has played for me as an offensive player likes that ( Triano breaks off to look over at Raptors TV analyst and former player Sherman Hamilton.)”

- On how the Raps’ D is different from Portland/New Orleans:  “When you look at what we’re doing this year, it is a bit different than what other teams are doing: sitting on the box or going under screens. We’re trying to create energy on the defensive end by getting out and denying, denying one pass away and putting pressure on the ball. Some teams will sit boxes and elbows and let you pass the ball around the perimeter. We’re not letting that happen this year. That’s the difficult thing for a guy coming to team.”

- On when the team will switch, defensively: “The only time we switch is an emergency. If we allow our guys to start switching we’re going to turn into a soft team, and we don’t want that.

- On Jerryd mixing up a defensive possession last night by thinking the team was switching: “Over or under and then catch up to your guy while Reggie provides support. He kind of stopped and saw Reggie was there and went back. Reggie did what he was supposed to do, he goes back to his guy and Holiday tees up a three. We’ve got to teach and learn. They’ve got to learn on the fly.”

- How to take this mentality into Boston: “That’s where it’s going to be difficult. You can be tough at home and protect your house. But they’re going to do the same thing. The Celtics have tried a lot of times to jump on you early and get you physically. You’ve got to weather that initial burst, not back down, not show any sign of weakness, and then play it possession by possession.”