• DeMar DeRozan is aware that he’s been disappointing fans and coaches with his recent play: “I think I was just slacking a little bit and it’s definitely time to pick it up.” That’s never something you like to hear. (Toronto Star)
  • Bryan Colangelo confirmed that Reggie Evans’ injury accelerated the timeline for calling Ed Davis up from the D-League. (National Post)
  • Davis only picked up one foul in his 35 minutes of playing time in the D-League, so it looks as though we don’t have to worry about him coming down with “Amiritis”. (Toronto Sun)
  • Jay Triano thinks the Raptors are “a fair-weather defensive team right now… We get after it when we are scoring, when things aren’t going well we don’t (get after it defensively). That has got to change.” (Toronto Sun)
  • Well, that didn’t take long: Is it time to put Jerryd Bayless in the starting lineup? Somewhere, Jose Calderon is alone in a gym screaming “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!” (Raptors Republic)
  • While we’re on the subject of starting lineups, why isn’t Amir Johnson starting? (Hoops Addict)
  • This is the single best interview with Andrea Bargnani I’ve ever read — it seems you need to talk to him about video games to get more than five-word answers out of him. (Eye Weekly)
  • Nat from Heels on Hardwood has been organizing some pretty cool social media stuff for Raptors fans with her new #RTZ initiative. Join the movement and you could find yourself tweeting, Facebooking and what-have-you at a Raptors game with Nat. (#RTZ)

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  1. The Raps have almost ALWAYS been a fairweather defensive team. Triano’s been with the team how long again?

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