- The biggest news to come out of morning shootaround was that Kevin Durant will not play for the Thunder because of his sprained knee. The Raptors have been catching the breaks with respect to facing teams who are without some of their best players. Now, to see if they can take advantage.

- Of course, this is a Thunder team that is coming off of a triple-overtime victory against the New Jersey Nets where Russell Westbrook finished with 38 points, 15 rebounds and nine assists, including scoring all 13 of the Thunder’s points in the third overtime period. To stop the Thunder, you have to stop Westbrook. Not sure how successful the Raptors are going to be, but Jay Triano says they’ll guard him with, “a lot of different looks.”

Andrea Bargnani

- On Durant being out:

“Durant is a great player but other guys are going to step up. They have a long team and everybody can score. Westbrook is averaging something like 33, 34 points a game without Durant so it’s going to be tough.”

- On Westbrook:

“He’s very athletic. To be a point guard, he’s strong, he can run, he can jump. That’s the main thing. He rebounds, too.”

“He’s on fire…it’s going to be tough to guard him. It’s got to be a team effort, not just Jose.”

DeMar DeRozan

- On Westbrook’s game:

“Every year he grew. From high school, college, even now. He just keeps getting better, evolving his game. Now he’s one of the top players in the NBA.”

“He’s a hard worker. In high school he wasn’t a McDonald’s All-American, he wasn’t none of that. He wasn’t ranked, none of that, but that didn’t stop him. He kept working. He’s dedicated. He got after it.”

- What Westbrook does that makes him so tough:

“With Russ, he’s liable to break down defences and get in the lane, put the bigs in foul trouble. He’s getting to the line a lot. Between him and Kevin Durant, they live at the free throw line.

Jay Triano

- On playing the Thunder minus Durant:

“Westbrook has picked up the slack so our focus will obviously be on Russell as it was going to be, as well as Durant. We’re just going to have to make sure we contain Russ in the open court, try to restrict his direct line drives. Over the last four he’s been averaging around 34 points a game. He’s a tough match up for everyone.”

- The importance of limiting turnovers against the Thunder:

“If you take care of the basketball and you take good shots, it limits the number of opportunities they get to run and play in the open court which is what they are very good at so, obviously we want to not turn the ball over and take as many good shots as we can. It’s a very good defensive team, I think they’re fifth in the NBA over the last eight games and they make you work for everything you get.”

- Guarding Westbrook and his ability to get to the glass for rebounds:

“I think the thing is to try to mix it up a little bit. Try to show him different things. Don’t give him any one look continuously over the game. That could be personnel-based, it could be theme-based.”

“He’s got great instincts and a great nose for the basketball and a great ability to get to the rim. Either with quickness or going over top of people.”

- On Jeff Green:

“Jeff’s a very good player. He was part of that US team right until the end and he can shoot the basketball. He’s quicker than people think, he’s got an ability to get to the rim. Good touch, good basketball player. Averaging 20 points a game, almost.”

- Keeping Westbrook from getting to the glass for rebounds:

It’s not the responsibility of the bigs. It’s the responsibility of the guards to get a body on him to stop his direct line and if our bigs get the ball we want to get it out quick because he’s their point guard and if he’s stuck underneath the basket, we might have a shot at transition.”

Russell Westbrook

- How his game changes without Durant in the lineup:

“I play the same way when Kevin’s here as when he’s not here. This is a time for us as a team to come together and be able to play together.”

- What it’s like to watch tape of himself where he is dominating in a game:

“It’s good, but also I see myself doing a lot of other stuff that I’m not supposed to be doing. It’s a good thing to see that and see that my teammates are enjoying it.”

- What the Thunder need to do against the Raptors:

“Get back. It’s a very fast team. They like to push the ball, definitely at home. We’ve got to try to get ourselves back on transition.”