I know Jerryd Bayless is becoming very popular among Raptors fans. I don’t blame you. An extremely hard worker and an intense player, he makes it easy to root for him. So easy, in fact, that while he was a student at the University of Arizona a student working in the SID office wrote and recorded this rap for him.

“Standing 6-3, weighing 199/Out of Phoenix, Arizona the girls say he’s fine”

*warning: you will have “Ay J-Bay, Ay J-Bay, Ay J-Bay” stuck in your head for an eternity after clicking play.

shoutout to @blakegrimsley for the heads up!

Comments (3)

  1. where can i get this for my ipod?

  2. nice hook

    lame rhymes

    “Ay J-Bay, Ay J-Bay, Ay J-Bay”

    gonna be all star

  3. From now on, it’s gotta be “Eh J-Bay”!

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