While the Toronto Raptors were shorthanded against the Lakers with leading scorer Andrea Bargnani and starter Sonny Weems both unavailable because of injury, things could have been worse.

On Saturday afternoon, just seven of the Raptors’ 14-man roster were a go to participate in practice. While Bargnani missed the game with a sore right ankle that came as a result of compensating for his swollen left knee and Weems was out for the second straight game because of back spasms, they are not the only walking wounded. Obviously, neither of those two went through practice on Saturday.

After the Raptors’ victory against the New Jersey Nets on Friday night, Leandro Barbosa took his time gingerly limping to his locker when he came out of the shower. I asked him about the limp and he revealed that he had rolled his ankle early on in the game, but was able to continue to play through the pain. He did play on Sunday, but did not practice Saturday.

Jose Calderon did not practice to rest the foot that had been bothering him for those four games prior to the Nets game.

Of course, Reggie Evans and Peja Stojakovic were both out.

Amir Johnson was out with a sore back, a back that caused him a lot of pain against the Lakers, limiting him in the second half.

Jerryd Bayless was battling the beginning of a cold, saying after the Nets game that he was going home to bed to try and sleep it off.

After the Raptors 120-110 loss to the Lakers, Jay Triano admitted that it was questionable if Johnson and Calderon should have even played.

In the Raptors’ locker room, Johnson was talking about his back, saying “Once my back kinda got locked I couldn’t really move around too much. I felt it during the first play of the game, but I just kinda played along with it and then it just got worse and worse.”

On which movements caused him pain, he said, “Just running along. I couldn’t run. My whole right side was kind of locked up. I couldn’t run too much let alone play defence. I was trying out there, but it was hurting.” Johnson said he’ll be getting a lot of treatment the next few days to get himself ready to go.