With the way Raptors fans have been feeling about the play of the struggling Andrea Bargnani, a supportive tweet from teammate Reggie Evans would be more than appropriate. Evans, of course, came to the defence of his teammate via his Twitter account. Unfortunately for Bargnani, he will not get to see the supportive tweet from Evans via his @ mentions tab because of a minor typo:


After the horrible 5-for-24 night he had in a loss against the Timberwolves on Saturday night, Doc Funk posted a shot chart detailing Bargnani’s horrific night:

Yeah, it was ugly. And even more painful to watch live. The Raptors dropped their 12th straight last night with a loss to the Indiana Pacers. To say it’s been a tough stretch for Bargnani would be an understatement. Through the tough times it’s nice to see his teammate encouraging people to rally around him. Or…around someone at least.

Wonder how many new followers this guy picks up today?

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  1. Eek. I use Twitter for BlackBerry, and that wasn’t autocorrect. Laughing very much at the idea that Reg thinks his name is Adriano.

  2. #1 pick. i don’t care if that draft class was weaker than a virgin cosmopolitan served in a my little pony thermos. the Raptors had the #1 pick. the #1 pick.

  3. Man that shot chart is ugly. How do you go 1 for 6 from right under the basket?

  4. Hi Holly,

    I am an avid fan of the Toronto Raptors (the only Canadian NBA franchise). I consider myself a woman that sees the glass half full. But AB’s offense and especially his defense is horrible. I cringe when I see Andrea at 7 foot tall won’t even rebound or go under the paint. I support Jay Triano, I believe he deserves another contract extension.

    The only positive thing about all this losing streak, is the Raptors can have 2 first round draft next season (wish it is a-la-Blake Griffith, if not asking too much a-la Lebron).

    Anyway, does any of the Raptors management think of doing something, like spiritual cleansing in the Raptor’s dug-out, like lighting some incense, or doing some Feng-Shui. Just a suggestion. Like what they did with “The Curse of the Bambino” please see Wikipedia.

    Even Phil Jackson (the very successful LA Lakers coach is into Zen teaching.

  5. JACQUI: I think the only thing that could save the raptors now is some of Michael Jordan’s magic water from Space Jam. If Bargnani gets any more zen out there he will be sleeping.

  6. Jacqui: If it would work, at this point, I bet they’d try it. I kinda have to go with Skinny here, though: Any more zen and the team might be in trouble. Hahah. Hopefully he shakes out of this slump soon.

  7. of zen and magic water … all AB needs to do is do some bumpin and grindin in the paint. im not asking for a brawl each time but a calculated body contact and push people around him. even if he gets called for a foul, the mere sight of him mixing it up will get people to rally around him. when did we all see AB getting into the mix underneathe? it would be nice to see him doing the hustle.
    before my comments turns out into something associated with dancing(bump n grind, do the hustle), all i want to see is him doing something else to help out. if hes not finding his rythm to score, might as well rebound and do other stuff and try to be hungry again and finds his mojo back.
    so sum it up, Andrea, JUMP!!

  8. The answer might be Voodoo. Everytime Bargnani takes an ill-advised shot, someone on the Raptors bench should stick a needle in an “Il Mago” bobblehead.

  9. Wow, the guy who built a career off of working harder than anyone else sticking up for the talented guy who won’t work harder than anyone else. One is trade bait and the other is the centrepiece with an endless leash from GM and coach. This is sad.

  10. A shocking, shocking, shocking waste of talent. It’s all in his attitude. He really, really, really doesn’t care.

  11. Why do we get two first-round picks?

  12. JOJO: The Raptors have Miami’s 2011 first round pick from the Chris Bosh trade. So Toronto will probably have one pick in the top five and another pick near the end of the first round.

  13. JOJO – Scott’s right, of course, and we actually got our own first-rounder, which we had given to Miami in the Jermaine O’Neal trade, back from Miami as well as their pick, in the Bosh S & T.

  14. Scott and others:

    Your thoughts on the Raps possibly taking a chance on Yao this free agent season. Perhaps they do it just for business reasons but could be intriguing. Where else does he go?

  15. Rob: I’d rather take a shot at Greg Oden, who will be a restricted free agent after this season. I think Yao might really be done. He didn’t look good even when he played this season.

  16. Hey Scott,

    Given the painful way this season is unfolding, can I make a request for a post where you break down the FA options at the 5 (pros and cons for each)? Too soon?

    I lost interest in this season weeks ago and am in full speculation mode. Given the attempt at snagging Chandler and general money saving moves/attempts, all signs are pointing to overpaying one of these guys and drafting a PG or swing player.

    Oden is the most tempting but that’s a seriously enormous gamble depending on what BC would have to offer him.

  17. Reggie Evans: The Chris Crocker of Twitter.

  18. dribbles: That’s more of an off-season post, don’t you think? I don’t blame you for wanting to look ahead now, but I have to save some material for the off-season so I have something to write about.

  19. I blame Doug, aka ‘Dough’ Smith…

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