So, remember when Amir Johnson came back into the game against the Spurs last night after that nasty ankle sprain?

Yeah, he’s a warrior.

Check out this photo that was tweeted by Reggie Evans earlier today:

Check out that right foot. Now, I know my eyesight isn’t the greatest and sometimes I’m a little crazy, but… doesn’t that look like a walking boot? If so (and I’ll ask tomorrow for clarification), makes his return to that game a little crazier. We shouldn’t be surprised because he’s played through back pain and bumps and bruises all season but, man, this guy has been a warrior. As the days go on, Carefoot’s piece on Amir earning his paychecks continues to ring true.

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  1. I watched this game on tv and when watching the reply it looked nasty!
    When the announcers said he was coming back i think they were in as much shock as the listeners! This guy is exactly what the raptors need and it’s awesome that we have him locked up because he is such a great effort player who has shown this season that he can do more than just give 100% effort every game but can score, rebound, shoot an open jumper with the best of the PFs.

    It’s guys like Amir, Davis, and Derozan that give you the confidence to say okay BC, we know you’ve made some mistakes but we know you had some accomplishments too. Let’s learn from those mistakes this season (ALL defensive liabile players) and move on to something great next season. (i know Derozan and even davis need some developing on defense but their young and fresh and with the right practice there’s no reason they can’t be tough on D.

  2. Warrior? He’s lying down on a sofa!! I recommend we trade his lazy butt immediately. :)

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